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The answer equals = Not getting sued for interpreting Jim Phillips' art...but getting paid instead. Here's what the moving parts look like.†

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I have a new book being released online THIS FRIDAY, FEB 3 at ZEROFRIENDS.com!

And Skinner himself will be on hand, armed, and in person at the ZEROFRIENDS OAKLAND Retail store on Saturday, Feb 4 from 2-3PM for the official release/selling/signing/high fiving event in which anyone who buys the book in person on Saturday will be eligible for a FREE "BUTCHER KINGS" Zine in addition to the free 8"x 10"! Full details at the bottom of this post.

"Remember that metal-influenced dude that sat next to you in class that, Instead of working on whatever stupid school assignment was handed out for the day, he drew goblins and wizards with snakes for eyes? Well, Skinner is that dude, only he MASTERED that shit." - BRIAN POSEHN

"Skinner's wild world of demonic art reminds me that it's OK to look at scary creatures in a sensual manner. Yumm." - Andy Milanokis

"He's no Picasso!" - Dana "Master Shake" Snyder, Aqua Teen Hunger Force

"I just met Skinner but I have assessed in that brief encounter that he's on the right track. Taking things in stride and going along for the ride. That's the only way to play it." - James "DALEK" Marshall

"Skinner is a psychopathic psycho. That's the worst kind, you know..." - Larry Alberts. High School Art Teacher


172 Pages, 250 Illiustrations & Photos.

8.5" x 11". Hardcover.

Each copy is hand-signed by SKINNER

And as BONUS, The first 300 books that are purchased online at ZEROFRIENDS will come shipped with a FREE 8'x10" signed & numbered giclee print from Skinner!

Shit where do I start on this...Ok so the Butcher King's show was an incredible adventure with my buddy Alex Pardee..we got to really indulge in some weird action that was documented in video as well as the small Butcher Kings manifesto which is available for $10 on the Zerofriends site...I will have some with me at New York Comic con so come hit me up if you want one...they are pretty great and have most of the paintings from the show in them...LA was insane and I saw Wiz Khalifa at Universal Studios...did a great Podcast interview on smodcast.com...totally obnoxious and fun...If you want to hear Jenson try to keep me on topic, which lets be honest...is being "on Topic" really that important? Yeah that's what I thought...There's still some really affordable stuff left at Gallery 1988 (click here to view them) ..so get it while you can I think half the show is already gone so go check it...Here's some links to videos and interviews and such...
Funny or Die.com
-- G4.com and SpankyStokes.com also did write ups on our show! Go Check them out!

Also While I was getting ready for the Butcher Kings show I recorded with my heavy ass band Ungoliant for our upcoming album "No More The World of Man" we are going to release all the songs soon but heres one of them
buy the first track for $1
and a review by Doommantia.com...check it...also, follow or (like) us on facebook.com/ungoliantdoom

And so...I also just finished a poster for the Primus tour and I will be selling it as soon as I get back from Cuba on the 28th...I am really proud of it...its here on the Primus Facebook page

So...I am going to be painting live at New York comic con and selling very limited prints there with some other amazing homeys...check it here
...I am also selling custom Ollies at Lash's booth which I don't know where it is...Mutant Vinyl Hardcore...

be lookin' at our twitters or something...I personally will be selling custom Ultrus Bogs which will be as rad as the ones I did at San Diego Comic Con...So try and come find my ass and I will get you laced up...I will be at the LuLuBell booth on Saturday I think...maybe noon or something and then also chillin' at the art hustle booth...I don't know when exactly but i will tweet on my twitter as soon as I know...hit me up if you have any questions ok? peace out!

So one of the best if not the best and oldest art companies, Canson, is working with Beautiful Decay Magazine to give art grants to artists like me, who are dedicated to the exploration of the mind through art...I was humbled to have been chosen to recieve a grant to pick out some amazing supplies I, otherwise would not have tried..The fact that Canson is trying to actually reach out to young creators who could use the understanding and support, is really admirable...I will be creating the next couple bodies my work with the paints and supplies they hooked me up with...Check em out, theres a reason they have been around for so long!!

To read more about the wet paint grant click here!

Hey!! I will be at the San Diego Comic con going apeshit nerd level alpha and you should come to my booth and say "Wazzup" I am so happy to be teamed up with Dave Correia and Jon Wayshak!!
These are two of the most impressive graphic visionaries of our time and I will be in the booth with them gummin' up the works..I will try not to annoy them too powerfully or often but let's see what kind of zany comic con magic I can whip up..I can't wait to see everybody's new stuff this year..My only regret is that Kristie can't be there this year as it is our 7th comic con anniversary..She will be at her grandpa's 90th birthday...but I will bring her back some stuff...anyway...this is what's going on...I am releasing a super limited 10 piece Black Acid Lurker which is the best toy you will ever see in your life ever and that's a fact forever...It is the only toy that has been officially endorsed and approved by Charles Manson...

The Lurker got his hands on some really high grade shit and has now been coerced by his hippie cult leader to drop out of College and tune into a higher plane of Lurker virtue and wisdom...

Critical Hit will be unofficially launching...New limited prints and Shirts...The shirts rule your face..

The Ultrus Bog will finally be available and unveiled at My booth and the Lulu Bell booth..I will have two customs I have done for sale as well..

I am going to do a super limited print signing at the Dragatomi booth on Saturday at 3:00..right before that from 2:00-3:00 I will be at the Hi Fructose booth signing copies of the Suggestivism book..Nathan Spoor and Ron English will also be there signing as well as othe's I don't know about yet..but everybody in the book is the best artist ever so it will be incredible no matter what..I am stoked just to be next to these people in print and at a table..before that I will be at the data dub toy symposium with L'amour Supreme and Greg Rivera, both Mishka art warriors and I think they are both district managers for the 3 White Castles in Williamsberg, so you know the dudes be stackin'...Also theres a rumor that Alex Pardeezy might be there..So that is my saturday...nothing else really planned except hang out with the Washburn boys over at the Color Ink booth..These guys are my moonshine vikings and I love them so go check them out..the mini Toxic Lurker came out! It's the radioactive one that Ronald Reagan endorsed way back in the day...It's made out of recycled plutonium megazorbz so handle it with care and you should be alright..COLOR INK !

These are some of the other limited prints that will be available at Comic Con!

Anyways Please come say hi and I will try to be there as much as possible and not be a flake...Thank you so much for going to Comic Con because its a spiritual art/nerd/fun/friendship experience if you want it to be...Cool have a good one!

So Hurley opened up an incredible art space for artists to really go all out on in installation mural form some years ago..Dalek, James Marshall is the curator and he asked Bwana Spoons, Justin " Scrappers" Morrison, Martin Ontiveros and myself to come down here and basically challenge ourselves to see how big we could go with vision, impact and scope of psychedelic intention and love of creative expression...as of now we are five days into it and this has been the most incredible experience in sharing such a large space completely supported and advocated by the folks here at Hurley...we have had an amazing assistant by the name of Cody Lusby who is also an amazing young artist who looks alot like David Crosby...look out for him because he is also a great artist and painter...
The show opens Saturday at 6:00 and it is absolutely going to rule...H Space here at Hurley international...the address is 1945 Placentia Avenue, Costa Mesa Ca 92627...If you live in LA or San Diego you should really try and make it out!! It is going to be alot of fun...I am really honored to have shared this time with my favorite mountain men from the pacific northwest..Bwana, Scrappers and Martin are easily blowing away my understanding of what they were capable of..their work ethic and ambitious vision is really humbling..I will always look back on this experience as a really valuable time in my art career..in my life...Please check out the teaser vid and pics...If you want to see even more personal vids of us together creating go check them out on scrappers facebook page and his flikr...hope you can make it out!!!! when its done I will post more pics for those of you who cant experience it in real life!!! Have a good one, skinner

Questions have been circling. Rumors flying. Myths abound. Buzz and excitement stirred about tomorrow's pre-sale of Skinner's first vinyl figure. Here's a few last words from everyone's man in Japan, Luke Rook, as he tries to answer some of your questions. Or maybe create more....

"Have you ever tried to take a picture of the sun with your eyes? You will never, it's radiant glow is too awesome. Now imagine you had to capture the power of something at least 5x hotter. It just can't be done.

The same can be said for our newest bundle of radiant bliss by Skinner, Ultrus Bog. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that there will be no final production shots posted tomorrow or anytime soon. That's the bad news I guess, depending on your perspective. Some people embrace chance. Like being surprised. Others want to know exactly what they are shelling their good, hard-earned cash on.

What I can say is;

Test shot color is TBA. By nature of a test shot, they use whatever color they happen to have on hand. Sometime you end up with a really amazing teal or vibrant red and other times you get doo doo brown. It's a test. That's part of the fun.

The mystery release will be an exclusive with a super awesome JP toy company. We like shaking the hands of awesome.

There is a very good chance that every order will come with a special omiake. A reward for believing in us.

The next Skinner figures to be produced will be two part minis, the servants to their full sized masters. With every bit as much insanity in a smaller package, if not more.

The slots available are not open runs, there is a threshold. They may sell out in a minute, and hour, a day, a week. Who knows?

Really, the only thing we know for sure, is those you you prepared to dive unabashedly out of your comfort zones won't be disappointed. "

See you tomorrow at Noon Pacific if you dare! :)
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