it's been 3 years this month since the launch of my weird little company, CRITICAL HIT.
Its been really amazing to connect to people through this format and to offer you stuff directly from me, instead of a 3rd party. Like a band or a big giant corporate company I would have done art for. I like to keep it small and connected to the people that like what I do! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my art and checking in with me because I know there's no shortage of amazing artists to check out! THANK YOU!
This commemorative release is
A 24x36 inch silk screen that will keep your mind in a perpetual state of malevolent space exploration! Printed by the master minds over at Monolith Press, this print will demand your attention FOREVER!

There are two versions!
A standard run of a 100

A foil run of 20

The first 10 of each run sold will come with a randomly selected 5x7 painting I did on foil stock in honor of Halloween! If you are one of the first 10 you will be stoked out with something like this!

An original painting in a standard frame size!
I had to do something like this to show appreciation and love! Anyone who was part of the secret pre sale that I sent out a couple days ago get a small painting as well. You can subscribe to the monthly mailer tiger in on these discounts as well, but for now? GET READY FOR FRIDAY AT NOON! WHEN THESE PRINTS GO ON SALE!

HEY!!! Is this not the greatest BeerStein you have ever seen? There are a couple versions and they are all really affordable considering the detail and the work involved! i designed the art, the handle and the totem on the top based on the story from H.P. lovecraft..."TheCall of Cthulhu"
There are also stickers, shirts and prints available as part of the purchase! look below! click the link to see all the details and options from Portland's own, MunkStein company!!
They make perfect gifts and also they hold alot of Beer!!!


The full color version is a fired on decal applied over a low relief sculpt, giving some extra dimension to Skinner's original art. Top and bottom of the stein have a matt black glaze.
The Cthulhu stein is 11 1/2 inches tall with with a 3 1/2 opening and holds a full liter.

The High Relief Water Wash version has a highly detailed fully wrapped sculpt of Skinner's original art. A cobalt blue water wash glaze is then applied. Its a thing of beauty.
The Cthulhu stein is 8 1/2 inches tall with a 3 1/2 opening and holds a full liter.

Screen Printed Cthulhu Print. Signed edition of only 100

Pack of 4 pulpboard coasters and 3 vinyl stickers

Shirt Designs:

Cthulhu T-shirt

Dead and Dreaming T-Shirt


Here's the original artwork:

There are hushed aspects to our calm social order that somehow remain in the dark. Aspects and secrets hardly known to those going about their lives in an ignorant and forward fashion. It is not every one that can continue to tell the dark tales of the passed...some forget and some keep it to themselves..This is a breach of a collective pact that i tell you now, the secret of the vinegar drenched witch totems that have been plaguing the children of our world from Villages of yore to towns of the present! This madness of sacrificial children being offered must end, even if I am to die from sharing this arcane knowledge! The foul Pickle totems must be destroyed and halted from passing on once and for all! For once a child has the pickle baby in its hand, it is condemned as a target for its dark magic until they pass from this earth..If a child is to part with the totem or its necklace sigil is taken from off its neck, the horror of the Pickle baby is truly known! Its body grows and becomes whole. The twisting hungry being that has feasted viciously upon the flesh of so many young makes itself known! How many more generations must this endure? At what cost? This curse must end and It can..I have collected all 8 of the pickle babies from around the world and have carefully bagged them and sealed them from touching the flesh of any other being. I now need volunteers to take this burden on and to protect the children of this world from ever touching them again! Do not open these and Do not remove the dark Sigil from off their neck! Or else!! remember this poem that the children sang so many years ago as the tale was passed in hushed whispers from child to child!

The village mourns the birth once more, an earthly thing that writhes
From where it came, the dark and dirt, the water, a blood to thrive
The season dark, the sun now sets, the root comes into sour
Vinegar, heat, the cauldron speaks, a witch can claim its power
The evening sets, the leaves now wet, and as the parents call...
The children play, they find the dolls, we hear their voices fall...
" Don't remove it's leash or the pickles feast on we, the baby grows from small to big and takes us one or three. So keep the sigil, keep the sign, it keeps the beasts away, for if it falls from off its neck, it kills us all today!''

Cursed toys available Friday September 11th at noon
8 available
bagged and header, painted with V color
Do Not remove the necklace!
$100 each

From the August 20th to the 23rd the NecronomiCon will be in full swing in Providence, Rhode Island, the lifelong haunt of HP Lovecraft! I'm going for the first time!! I am very excited because I'm a huge HP Lovecraft weird fiction nerd and a massive fan of the kind of strange cosmic horror and bizarre monstrous philosophies of what constitutes the smallness of man in a vast empire of a terrible writhing universe, that are present in his stories.. May the alien gods float on hot solar winds and come soon to take me awaaaaaaay!
But until then you will have to just read about it...
I did this new painting "AZATHOTH INVOKED"

a sort of uncontrolled wild motherfucker that can't be stopped and frankly, is just to hideous to behold!! But I tried to behold him or at least paint him for you to see. There's a high powered priest conjuring an Avatar of Azathoth right there. Look at him go! I also made a timelapse so you can see the painting be painted in real time and listen to unsettling melodies I created as well (with some amazing production help from Hal Rotter!)
A cool bonus about this whole thing? It will be one of the covers for the October issue of Heavy Metal Magazine! super bonus!

I am in the show with some other fantastic artists, and it is a great honor to be showing at the Providence art club with them!

Here is a link to all the info on that for further perusal!

The guest of honor is John Coulthart, of whom I am a great admirer! As well as Bob Eggleton! He has done some of the most iconic Lovecraftian paintings of the past ten years! And is also doing the interiors to Godzilla in Hell issue 2 coming out soon.. Anyways I do not want to blather on and on, I want you to see some previews of some of the amazing art that will be in the show!

by Bob Eggleton

"Abyssian Gazer" by Nick Gucker

"Yuggoth Cultures" by John Coulthart

"The Summoning" by Jeanne D'Angelo

"Ghooric Zone" by Robert H. Knox

by Santiago Caruso

"Summoning" by Liv Rainey-Smith

"Hands" Dana Glover

If you come out to the city wide celebration of HPL, I hope to see you!
I will also having cards with me to give out regarding the Cthulhu beer stein that is going to be available to purchase soon!
for more info visit: www.munkstein.com

Be careful what you create, because it can UNCREATE YOU!! is that a cool tag line from an old school horror movie or is it some kind of random threat from one of your angry parents? I'll let you decide! These amazing Japanese vinyl figures from Miscreation toys have an awesome old school vibe that I loved painting.Gave it a vintage robo feel with the creepy head design to give it more of an evil presence, Of Course!

they go on sale Friday august 14th at noon pacific
painted with V color and come with big ass headers like you like em!


$250 each
-approx 14.5" inches tall
-Bagged with giant header cards
-Only 6 figures available

Welcome to my "I'm Not At Comic Con And Neither Are You" Releases!

I needed a break from all the Comic Con madness this year, but I'm still releasing a bunch of rad stuff specifically for all you people also not at Comic Con! Cause we can still party, right guys? Hell Yes we can! And to prove it, I'm unleashing a swarm of brand-new epic silk screen prints, all-over printed t-shirts, Wisdom of the Lurker packs...AND the the debut of my Abominox vinyl toy! www.shopcriticalhit.com

PLUS!! Enter the discount code "PARTY" at checkout and save 10% on ALL shirts & prints Friday through Sunday!*

Everything goes up for sale this Friday (7/10/15) at noon (PST) on the Critical Hit webstore. Keep your eyes posted!

*NOTE: the discount only applies only to shirts and prints purchased this Friday through Sunday!


NEW All-over 'discharge' screen-printed on American Apparel shirts! Made in The USA



Debuting for the first time ever! Abominox the forgotten one. Betrayed by the laughing gods in the sky, left to decay in the frozen northern wastes of some lonely hell! Abominox has one echoing thought pulsing in his screaming mind...Revenge! Revenge on those who left him to die! He will get it...It may take a millennia but he will have it.

$150 each
-12.5" inches tall - comes with two clubs.
-Bagged with giant header cards.
-Only 20 figures available


Limited edition "Wisdom of Lurkers" Print/Figure Pack

There are 2 sets options: Glow in the dark and classic solid black!
5 figures per pack! Each comes with TWO random giclee mini prints!

Witness the Lurkers in their natural poses, contemplating death, crawling ever silently, giving a piggy back to a young one, hiding, and crouching on a cyclops skull! All the things that a lurker does in it's time in between lurking on you and your family! Sculpted to size by the ridiculously talented David Arshawsky who knocks it out of the park every time! These 2 inch tall to 2.5 inch tall sculpted figures are unique reminders of a darker world just outside of our own.

Beginning July 1st, Critical Hit will be discontinuing the large majority of Skinner’s giclee prints for sale. All the prints you see below will NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE after this month.

We asked Skinner what his motivation for making the transition from giclee to silkscreen prints was, and here’s what he told us:

“I am totally in love with silkscreen prints and I want to support the industry as much as I can. I don't know, maybe it’s my love of the printing tradition or the smell of a freshly pulled piece. I’m not at all opposed to giclee, but I want to approach offering giclees differently—more like time-selected limited releases instead of large numbered editions. And I think it’ll make it more special (and collectable) for the collector that way.

Also, I plan to start some newer paintings this summer, and I may release some of those in giclee in super limited, time-selected runs. But for the most part I am just going to be making silk screen prints because they’re awesome, affordable and they support a great art tradition I want to see stay alive. Before I discontinue my giclees, I wanted people to have a chance to buy the ones below until the end of the month at which time they’ll be GONE FOR GOOD! So if you've been checking one of these out, you better snatch it!”

All the prints you see below will be discontinued at the end of June so we can make room for killer new Skinner art!

Thank you everybody for all your support!


OK! Im releasing another 10 of each of my babies...
10 Morgoggs and 10 Ogos...
You may or may not see animated commercials of them on Adult swim soon, so be on the look out for that...
maybeon Friday march, 20th They will go on sale at noon pacific.
bagged with epic headers, they each come with a limited 8x 10 giclee print. the print is limited to only, this run.
$250 each...AND the kicker is..the first person to order a morgogg gets a blank black one FREE! As well as whomever orders the first Ogos will also get a free black blank..Im crazy, I like to hook people up. I love anyone who likes my stuiff so there it is...Youll get a sick hand painted bagged figure, a print and the chance to win a free blank..I did these deep color paint style with gold sprays and multi layers for depth..might dominate the shelf but I don't know, thats a matter of opinion! HA!
They will ship out within 3 days of purchase.
Thanks you guys!! I love you!

**For free shipping enter discount code "FREESHIPPING"
when you check out!


I wanted to do some epic silk screen prints of my monster studies from My show " New Maps Of The Abyss" I just had in new York.. These are some of the classic characters from the Game, Dungeons and Dragons...
Perfect gifts for individuals ranging from misanthropic teen on up to stoned out uncle.

I will be subsequently be releasing other classics in silk screen print as well soon. The first 20 orders of these prints get a random artist proofs of my release "Dead Folk Arcane" a print set..now enjoy them in TECHNICOLOR!!!


I have been grinding away on Paintings for my show in new York, Animation projects, Toy releases and work for the Melkvins Documentary, bbut the thing i am happy to announce is that I am finally releasing NEW shirts and zip-up hoodies! Thank you for being patient with me as I get it all together just in time for the capitalist swine holiday of Black friday! hahaha! In honor of this holiday I am pretty much not doing anything except offering a FREE beanie with any order of $100 or more. I am also throwing in stickers and other little loose prints I have around! I honestly hope that if you buy any special gifts for people this year, that you buy from a small business..Not just mine, but any small business..In your neighborhood or online! Lets get together and support all the cool little places that make neat things. thanks for tuning in!


Unveiled! I debuted these freakish beings at Designer Con!
Was hard to keep it secret for so long! My new, first ever self produced japanese vinyl figures, Morgoog, and Ogos!
I have been working with David Arshawsky on several projects and thought I would spice it up by making epic large scale figures that I would have lost my shit over when i was little. I tried to touch on just the right balance of, 80's nostalgia, Kaiju giant monster cinema energy, as well as mythology and tripped out fucking weirdness...I grew up obsessing about the Hulk, the war of the Gargantuas, Frankenstein...giant terrorizing creatures that may eat you and your friends...or are they here to help?

I give you:
born with an evil in him that would not stop growing! His tiny whispering face on the back of his skull will drive you mad! Within his cursed club lies the soul of his mother, who was trapped the day he was born! Their village had ostracised them to live in the mountains where they have only each other to keep company.

Born to kill the bravest warriors that find their way to his island. All cyclops weakest point is their eye. That is why the Mad gods that birthed him have given his club many eyes to find their target. For even if the Cyclops may lose sight in his one angry eye, there are several more that mayt guide him through the power of his club! may you never wash ashore on the island of Cyclopes.

13 inches of teeth gnashing japanese vinyl
Gamma Ray Green
6 points of articulation
limited sets for $300
singles of each for $175
Available Friday Nov 28th at noon pacific



The first 10 orders of the regular edition get a pack of lurkers to fit in with the creepy nature of this release!

"Vast, Polyphemus-like, and loathsome, it darted like a stupendous monster of nightmares to the monolith, about which it flung its gigantic scaly arms, the while it bowed its hideous head and gave vent to certain measured sounds.... Once I sought out a celebrated ethnologist, and amused him with peculiar questions regarding the ancient Philistine legend of Dagon, the Fish-God; but soon perceiving that he was hopelessly conventional, I did not press my inquiries.” -Dagon

This is a 16x20 print, archival inks printed on Velvet cotton fine art paper.

My loving homage/interpretation to H.P. LOVECRAFT'S bizarre and beautiful horror writings.. There is a run of 50 regular edition for $50 and an embellished run of 10 at a $100 a piece available Friday October 3rd at noon.. A good way if ever to start October!! With a shambling horror print.. This was created to coincide with the lovecraft film festival in LA..


Embellished prints // Limitied run of only 10






Painted with V color
Made with love



Available Friday at noon pacific! 

CHORKO! The most powerful wizard on eternia! Untamed by Skeletor and Too oily for even HE-Man to take hold of.. He lays his pimp talk backwards mind whammy on every living thing on Eternia.. Frankly things just haven't been the same since the king and the royal folk of the palace wake up with their furniture nailed to the ceiling.. THE HELTER SKELTER CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE WILL TURN ALL OF THE UNIVERSE ON ITS HEAD.. THE SKY HAS NOT STOPPED BLEEDING SINCE HIS ARRIVAL!!! NOR HAS A CONSTANT BLASTING NOISE OF THE BEATLES PLAYED AT THE SLOWEST SPEED POSSIBLE INSIDE THE MINDS OF ETERNIA'S POPULATION, CEASED. HE IS COME!!!

"Bold Blue Death"
24x36 inches of otherworldly fantasy!

Who knows what fell deeds this undead warrior hath wrought upon distant lands!! What black hearted god doth he serve!!! AND WHY??! All questions that will plague your mind as you stare forever more upon this outrageous ode to old school fantasy and nostalgia! This is my most ambitious screen print to date! Printed by the now legendary Monolith Press, this print will have your dad jealous! Created out of my love of old school illustrators and movie posters from the seventies, I wanted to make something that could inspire old school stoned out rockers as well as young stoned out rockers in training! WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE YA STONED OUT ROCKERS!! Dream heavy the ancient dooms that await your hero in the hell of oblivion!!

This print will be available Friday at Noon on my webstore:


"Grim Green Decay" VARIANT
(ComicCon Exclusive - Only available at Booth #5051)
24x36 inches of untold heretic rot


Here are the two prints side by side...



Black, silver, yellow, red and white sprays on fluorescent orange vinyl.. angry green chromatic eyes all hand painted by me with giant HEADER OF THE GODS!!

This limited run will start Friday June 27th and run until Sunday night June 29th or until the limited amount is spoken for..
You buy it off of www.shopcriticalhit.com
and they will be shipped out by July 4th
$250 for each and $20 domestic shipping $40 overseas..
All painted by yours truly..

AND as a bonus, all people that preorder get their names in the hat (digitally generated) to win a variant
KRAWLUSS.. THATS RIGHT! One of you lucky SOB's is going to also get this..


Set of lurkers in their natural poses, contemplating death, crawling ever silently, giving a piggy back to a young one, hiding, and crouching on a cyclops skull! All the things that a lurker does in it's time in between lurking on you and your family! Sculpted to size by the ridiculously talented David Arshawsky who knocks it out of the park every time! These 2 inch tall to 2.5 inch tall sculpted figures are unique reminders of a darker world just outside of our own.. There are 2 sets.. Glow in the dark and classic solid black! Created in conjunction with the ever innovative Unbox industries, headed by Dan Willett, a man who continues to take risks on me and my nightmare visions.. Once you hold these in your hand you will see how beautiful and strange the detail is.. 5 figures per pack!

Visit: http://shopcriticalhit.com/collections/toys

Well it had to happen! My mom wanted a cool new case for her phone, you know...something nice she can show around to her friends at the office...From having my art on the fridge to now on her phone...and YOU can also have my art on your INTERNET BOXES!! High quality cases that protect your internets or rad graphic skins that you can stick on..Check out the info and links below...

Deep in the vast blackness of space, devoid of any point of light that may come quickly as a tiny pinhole from many distant stars, can the celestial traveler be seen. Only in utter blackness does it reveal itself. Like the fish of earth, Darting here and there at the bottom of the ocean, whom are only seen slightly with the help of bio luminescence. The traveler is made invisible when any light is near, and there is light coming from many billions of stars and galaxies.. It is nearly never, that it's form is seen by the unwieldy bubbling suns and gaseous giants that sit perfectly in their cold vast cradle of eternity. Ever traveling, wandering in a beautiful exploitative pattern that must only make sense to the hidden universe! A pattern that makes sense to a human mind NEVER! To be ever alone floating massively in the form of a wild chromatic Titan! BEAUTIFUL!! and strange in a form of unending color and pattern only to be seen with the impossibility of being near it in some black corner that the cosmos forgot. Totally black. And still. Alone and blasting the senses more impossibly violent than a million ascending Novas that would defy REASON ITSELF! the celestial traveler is a being that exists only in theory and we may never know what it may know and even now, my horribly primitive rendering of what it could look like, is only an embarrassingly limited human depiction. No better than a monkey playing with a stick in some mud, to what it very well may seem, if only we were able.... To understand THE CELESTIAL TRAVELER!
45 available
26x39 inches
7 color silkscreen by monolith press
Black light reactive

Available Wedsnday April 2nd AT NOON on my webstore:

The cave crawler emerges from a dark corridor creaking and clicking as it smells your fear and trembling mind vibes! It cannot see as it has grown coldly in the dark stinking passageways of a forgotten wound in the earths crust! A DUNGEON MOST FOUL!! It's eyes may be white milky orbs of blind slime but it can feel your presence! A shambling and rotten skull atop stabbing arachnid legs, it is the worst thing that EVER HAPPENED!!
And it comes for you!

Available Wednesday March 19th! Noon pacific on the Ciritical Hit Webstore:

I wanted to make a figure that really encapsulated what a gross and super evil thing you would come across if you were in a dungeon under the earth.. The milky eyes are fresh water pearls and the baby was poured with a wire armature inside its legs.. They can move and the resin used is very pliable so it will not break. Hiro Hayashi cast them for me and they are super creepy! The wire armature interior skeleton was his idea as was the usage of the weird soft resin. I'm really happy with how it came out! I dry brush painted every one of these and coated them heartily with a wet slime sheen.

They all come with pieces of gory legs from a cave crawler that they have eaten. Cannibalistic tendencies and all! I painted the inside of every single box so that it would come with its own blood splattered dungeon cave..
You just cut off the excess flaps when you open it and there you go! Instant dungeon!

They are 8 inches across by 4-5 inches tall.. Limited to a run of 15.. These things are super bizarre and pliable and my first fully sculpted piece. They will be a $100 and they will go up for sale at noon on Wednesday March 19! They come with a header and a cave and some gross severed limbs. What else is there in life?
Purchase Here on the Ciritical Hit Webstore:


Here is The Frankenstein monster experiencing a vastly different fate than the one we know that ends in the book...I have decided to rewrite history in a bizarre amalgamation of the classic Frankenstein story and the Frankenstein from the japanese film, "Frankenstein conquers the world" In which the mopnster grows from a piece of Hitler's heart and continues to grow until he fights Baragon and then is eventually ripped into small pieces by a giant octopus...Those chunks would later become the Gargantuas but thats another story! lets get back to the topic at hand! FRANKENSTEIN BABY!!! Sketch book print release...I am proud to say that I am following up behind the legendary Bernie Wrightson with my sketch book release with 20 eyes co. 20 Eyes Co. do rad stuff and have a killer grasp on the great nostalgic vibes of a lost evil halloween child! Thats us guys! anyways...The prints are 2 color silk screen reproductions of my depiction of Frankenstein arising from his icy tomb, Irradiated with the residual radiation from an ancient comet...The story I wrote about it is here! An unofficial sequel!
Translated from the LOST FRANKENSTEIN SCROLLS! the first 20 orders get their own ancient version of the scroll...and as a bonus, we have found and bagged up small grisly and gruesome pieces of the Frankenstein monster! Found in the laboratory of the good Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Enjoy your gory bag of history as you read the Secret scroll!
The prints are a run of 95
16X20 sketchbook size 2 color silk screen
first 20 orders get a lost Frankenstein scroll and pouch of disgusting remnants...gristle, teeth, screws, hair! BLOOD!!! BLOOD OF A MONSTER!

The monster had been lost dreaming for years, hidden deep beneath glacial giants that moved methodically in the ancient rhythm of the earliest ice ages. Hidden secretly like some hideous immortal treasure, Frankenstein monster lies catatonic, the brain within his skull throbbing wildly, dreaming vividly of vast strange worlds that only a monster may dream.
He has been missing for decades, isolated in the coldest part of an unexplored world. Alone and reeling from the unnatural life that ought never to have drawn breath, the monster sleeps. But he did draw breath, and with that first taste of life came the torture of what it is to know! To be! Confusion burning chaos in a body of impossible origin! To stare through
burning eyes rooted firmly in cold green skin, and scream unnaturally through the throat of an abomination born! This! This thing that should not be!!! Asleep beneath cold depths of ice, the victim of uncertain footing and subsequent burial from glacial collapse. But the beast found solace in the relief from conscious thought. Here in his strange dream, could he find peace. And so he slept. His body frozen, kept perfectly encased in a tomb that had patiently waited millions of years to greet him. But something bizarre and unknown to the primitive Victorian mind stirred forgotten at the bottoms of this frozen tomb! There still creeping in the deepest unknown caves where the monster's body found rest, was the steaming vapor
remnants of cosmic radiation! A 65 million year old residual irradiated reminder of the comet that was responsible for wiping out all prehistoric cretaceous life! The comet that had killed all the vast lumbering giants of an ancient age now playing yet another role in the storied history of mad titans who were bound to walk this earth. The blanket of radiation found the sleeping body of the Frankenstein Monster. Two unnatural forces somehow joined miraculously in the most naked and lonely place on Earth. The irradiated mist began to curl itself slowly around the molecular structure of the
monster's frozen cells! His body absorbed the comet's radiation like a sponge. The body began growing and changing
exponentially beneath the ice! The creature's mind pulled from its odd peaceful dream. Consciousness came swimming back as the hideous frozen body grew and grew! The cells that absorbed the radiation collaborate to form a giant throbbing
massive whole of a man! A titan born! A mutation of an indescribable birth! Where Frankenstein's handling of modern
science once created a mockery of life, ancient cosmic science now amplified its horrific notion to an impossible degree! The creature rises through sheets of frozen waste, up! Up!! Creaking venerably, with the memory of a deranged mind! Revenge! Yes! Revenge against the one who made him! The one that meddled unyielding in the arena of the gods! Victor
Frankenstein! The one that screamed to the sky so many years ago as lightning shattered the silence of death! All at
once to give life to the stillness of a cobbled cadaver! The anger of his memory mixed wildly with the confusion of growing within this massive new frame. The fear of fire! The fear of man! Their contorted faces and tearing stabbing weapons had always kept him in the shadows of the night. How could retribution upon Frankenstein be carried out if he was trapped by the pink screaming villagers that come angrily as a horde? These familiar concerns race quickly through his mind, the clear arctic air, a backdrop against his heavy stinking breath. The titan smiles a rare twisting grin knowing there will be no more sulking in the shadows. No crippling fear of fire and no limit to the ungodly revenge that is about to be unleashed upon a sleeping world. Frankenstein Monster has risen again! A monument to Vengeance! Hundreds of feet tall and
freshly awakened, the invigorated new God looks down from his towering berth to see faintly, the outline of a small man and his fire. How strange it is, that Prometheus would defy the gods to bring fire to man, just as this small stranger would bring fire to him. The yelping of dogs tied to a sled catch his attention. Who is this that has come so far just to find their death? The monster's eyes focus on the figure, the last frozen bits of ice melting away from his eyes and hair. The cold green skin catching light from a far off sun. Now the crouching groaning goliath sees clearly that this new life has already chosen to fortune him quickly. The small figure below is none other than Victor Frankenstein himself!! Come to confront his lost creation, bringing closure to the wild loosing of a malevolent force. A malevolent force of his own scientific
obsession. Yes this chance meeting seems to fall nicely in line with the momentum of the monster's bizarre "luck." So many improbable stars lining up in his favor. A deadly celestial knife stabbing angrily towards the heart of man. In the halls of his shattered mind the monster ponders darkly the humor in this damned life. The cold irony of our universe strikes him thoroughly whilst grabbing and crushing the mortal below. Victor Frankenstein screams hoarsely, a cursed thrashing infant whose last known breath is interrupted by the popping crack of his tiny laughable bones. Dr. Victor
Frankenstein crushed thoroughly in the hand of his most infamous creation. And then, silence. The monster throws the
heap of hot red liquid, bones and shattered flesh into the hungry blue waves. He watches intently as the body quickly sinks into the depths of the freezing sea. Sharp arctic gusts blow his matted icy hair into his face. There is a sudden emptiness that grows in his heart. Realizing his one true adversary and motivation to destroy sits still on the ocean floor or in the belly of some stealth ancient predator, the newborn demi-god begins to shift and pull his weight out of the cave in which he stood. Lumbering slowly through the permafrost at the top of the world, the great suffering horror sets his sights on land. And man. As burning coals of white hot rage begin to grow within the furnace of his heart, there is only one thought that
continuously echoes in his mind, "They are my creators, but I am their Master!"

There may not be some cosmic score keeper sitting alone in the vast black ocean of space, tallying the deeds of men. But on this strange day in the middle of a pure northern waste, one could not help but be driven to wonder-- Is there something keeping track of our fate, our decisions, our mortal direction? A God? Some vast alien intelligence or the tide of galactic chance that now seeks vengeance upon us? Whatever it may be, whatever it is, it has most certainly turned its back on man, and most assuredly turned its favor unto monsters.

I am releasing 5 sets of the minions i did in a metallic battle spray for $75 each.
I am also releasing The Nuclear orb Hueys ( Baby Hell) for $200 limit of 5...I kept these back at NYC comic con and have beemn holding them back for a proper release. I canty just hide them in my cave anymore.They are irradiating everything and the cats are getting bigger and growing mustaches. The mutations must end! I am releasing the minions and the Hueys tomorrow at noon. I will ship them out tomorrow as well. Get these insane hand paints for your collection!

Killer Krampus!! SKINNER X KROTPONG!
This vinyl figure is so involved and incredible! the angry child that comes with it can go in the bucket krampus wears on his back or it can run freely around, poisoned from the evil energy and beatings that come with being a young victim of Krampus's wrath! all painted with V Color and chained with the cold iron from the mountains of hell...His demon hoof hot and black and his human foot cold and dead from a millennium of frost bite..These will go on sale Thursday, December 12th and will be shipped that day, priority, to make sure that you can purchase these as a gift for someone and have them in time for Christmas..or for your own hideous collection! These come with a 12X12 5 color silk screen print of Krampus that I illustrated.. The Krampus prints are also available on my webstore without the print! 7 inches tall and limited to 11 pieces! $200 available at noon on Thursday!
Order here on my webstore: http://shopcriticalhit.com/products/killer-krampus

In spending many late nights focused quietly on the weirdness of old books, comics and strange tomes of bestial lore, I find myself drawing these images as the world rests...uninterrupted and relaxed...Only the occasional sound of soft cat steps and muffled hobo arguments to add to the mood...these times drawing in the last couple months reminded me of when I was a teenager staying up late listening to depressing music and Looking at Fiend Folios and sketching mindflayers.. Moments of quiet reflection are fleeting in the adult world i live in now and it makes the times I get to draw that much better..I am putting out this 5 print set of Nostalgic beasts, demons and crawlers unknown, Inspired by the obscure art books I have collected as a small special print set celebrating weirdness,monsters and psychedelic art...only 30 sets of 5 silk screened mini prints ( 8.5 X 11) and a pair of chroma depth glasses to go with them. I wanted this to be a really special and limited set of detailed multi color prints that people could afford..one of the prints is even 6 colors! These prints would sell individually for $40! but you get five of them for $120! The Official Print cover tells you which of the run of the " Journey Of The Unmind- Dead Folk Arcana"  prints you got! They come with a protective folio cover emblazoned with the Critical Hit seal of quality!!! Printed by the one and only Curtis Readel! The same guy that printed my Space Biker and Ghoul King prints! This is a really cool collection of weirdness, sure to please your warped inner freak! There are only 30 available, They will not be reprinted! They go on sale on friday september 27th at Noon!


ALSO! I've just released these Semi-Korosiya silkscreen prints as well!

Doing A print for My favorite band for their 30th anniversary of being the BEST band in the world is an honor! THE GREATEST HONOR! for a show in Seattle no less! asked by Secret Serpents!! let alone the fact that the7y were made by Monolith Press! The whole thing is an epic combination of forces that could only bring about something special, and I am beyond excited to have done it! I thank The Melvins, Justin at Secret Serpents and Maus for making it an incredible experience! I am releasing these 9 artist proofs on my site here shopcriticalhit.com/products/melvins-limited-edition-artist-proof-silkscreen-print for $75...5 color silk screened madness by monolith press so you know its good! i THINK THERE MAY BE A FEW OF THE REGULAR RUN LEFT ON SECRETSERPENTS.COM BUT LAST i CHECKED THEY ARE GETTING LOW, so hurry up if thats what you are looking for! I also still have a few of the Tomahawk artist proof prints i did with Secret Serpents as well so check em out!


When Cop A Squat Toys hit me up about doing a run of these, I immediately saw the potential in such a weird, and what I would consider to be, traditional looking character in the vein of Battling Kaiju via Ultra Man and vintage Sci-Fi...It just looks cool to me...Then when Adam Saul told me that He could silk screen a header, I thought the project could really be special...well, then I decided to stay home one day and hang out with my cats ( The Clone seemed sad), and draw the header, I kinda just started expanding on what I wanted to do until I had drawn a big dissected version of the Semi Korosiya so you could see the inner workings of the THING! I then sent it to Adam and we decided it should be a print...so what started as a simple run of these bad boys turned into a whole production with a print and incredible silk screen header as well...I painted them up over at Kozik's with V color and gave them an evil Black Iron Golem look with gold armor nubs and an evil all seeing eye...Im really proud of the way this colaboration turned out and anyone who is lucky enough to get one will have the print, the header ( which is a print in itself), and the bad ass toy...there are 10 of them and will be $225...They will go on sale thursday august 29th at noon pacific, I will mail them out that day! available on http://shopcriticalhit.com/products/semi-korosiyra

Here's a lil vid of the header!

and here's a lil video of the silkscreen print!

Hey there true believers! It is time to blow your mind! I am releasing this immaculately psychedelic 8 color silk screen print on Monday AUGUST 5TH!!! At NOON Pacific time! 18X24 inch vision of epic savagery! It comes in 2 editions..one is the prints that were not damaged in their shipping to my studio, which will cost a $100 in an edition of 39. ( Thanks Fed Ex, ye transporters of ill repute!) The other version is one that has small corner damage to one or two of the corners of the print that will not be visible once framed for $80 in an edition of 61! The damage is minimal but i want you, The buyer to know before you buy it! Either way, Both print editions will come with:

One 8 color hand pulled silk screen Space Biker Print
One silk screen sticker pack of 10 stickers
One butcher kings book
One pair of chroma depth glasses to see the strange dimension of these things!

I am throwing in the butcher kings book because the glasses work on the images in there as well in making things 3-D

I made these as a visual transport back to those psyche fueled days of old...Blacklighte posters! Heavy Metal style! Reading old comics and smoking weed behind the bleachers at school! The 70's nostalgia of the past. knew my buddy Curtis Readel could give these the treatment I wanted on them so that when you hold them in your hands, they vibrate with energy and have a weight that demands attention! 8 colors is alot for one man to take on and he did it! This was a challenging project for him but he pulled it off beautifully! The chroma depth glasses only add to the experience by offering another dimension through which to view this monstrous print! It is printed on French's starch white 140 weight paper! HEAVY!

Scroll below to see THE GOODS!





SPLUURT CADAVER KIDS BABY!!!! run of 10! $150 available at noon, Thursday! The 4th of July on my site shopcriticalhit.com

I really pushed myself to give this beautiful little dude the attention it deserves..many layers and tones..i made the teeth gross! yellowy orange and they want to bite your finger buddy! a little patchwork nightmare! Joe (Spluurt) is ana amazing creator and I love his newer stuff so keep a lookout on this guy! he rips!

6 color mind melter!! Silk screened by the one and only MONOLITH PRESS!!! do amazing work and I love them! You know who else I love? Mastodon! They are beautiful people who are basically the only ones presenting art and heart on the Mayhem festival which is the only other place you can get one of these...The only place you can get one now is through your dude Skinner ( yeah i talk in 3rd person) 18 X 24 inch beautifully strange black light style print is $50 for the regular run which I only have 9 of or $60 for the artist proofs which I only have 10 of ! they are not gonna be around long so come grab one here...  http://shopcriticalhit.com/products/mastodon-silkscreen-poster   and I will send it to you so you can be happy!

In an effort to make my art as accessible as possible to all people, I am releasing over 30 new prints ranging in price from $10 for 5 by 7 inch prints, $15 for 8 by 10 inch prints, $30 for 12 by 12 inch prints as well as my $50 22 by 17 inch prints! Not to mention my new giant size Prints that are 24 inch by 36 inches for $150…I just want these hi quality Giclee prints created fresh here in the warehouse by Giclee printing wizards, Zerofriends, to be in the hands of people who love them…Let the bizarre energy they provide encourage you to explore the mysteries of life..AAAND. the First 20 orders who order $50 or more on prints will get a free silk screen vinyl sticker sheet! Here are all the pieces that are available now printed with archival inks on velvet cotton Fine art paper! Let's get weird kids, please look below and behoooold!

Visit my online store: http://shopcriticalhit.com/

If you do not know who Paul Kaiju is by now you must be hidden away underneath a rotten Mushroom behind a shanty barn or somethin' man, because he is a Demi-God and he creates the most incredible Kaiju Mutants on Earth. Well Here is my Micro Run Of these bad boys...DEAD GOD NARCOTIC!!  The residual cosmic growths left over from an infinite series of reborn prehistoric God deaths...They will get you real high man!! I painted these and taped them off and meticulously adapted them so that they will glow in the dark as phantoms who watch you sleep..The eyes that see, the teeth that nash, and the boots that kick! Kick I say!! kick you in your sleep! Ever kicking in a relentless rhythm of pain! Pain I say!! Your pain!!...Behold the Dead god Narcotic...A series of 4...available on my webstore: http://shopcriticalhit.com/ Monday April 15th at noon...$400. Be there or be bummed, man!

                                                         ONE BOG TO RULE THEM ALL!! THE ULTRUS BALROG!!

One of the chief minions of the shadowed Lords of Mordor! Sent to do the foulest of errands concerning the enemies of Morgoth, Sauron, and Melkor. Driving away Ungoliant, Battling Gandalf and keeping the unhallowed halls of the under earth clean of any good dwarven race. These smoldering, fire lashed Bogs have the heavy burden of the ring around their neck. The Elven tongue lazered into the steel ring is a reminder of the scalding birth it bore at the hands of evil in Mount Doom. This highly detailed piece is limited to a run of only 10 and is complete with the ring of power around its neck-- the precious that shall never leave its burning claws.

ULTRUS BALROG is priced at $300 and comes with a lazer engraved steel replica of the one ring to rule them all! This Bog has been specially crafted and is an homage to the love Skinner has for Lotr and its genius villain! This limed run of 10 go on sale here this MONDAY, MARCH 11TH AT NOON!!!

Introducing...BLART & HIS SON ABORT!!! By Skinner X Coma21

This incredible bootleg is from...another dimension!! Yeah! You heard me right! I GOT THIS TOY FROM ANOTHER FREAKIN DIMENSION! How did that happen you ask? Gather round and I'll tell you the tale! 

It all started the other day when I was hiking around this enchanted forest with Kristie. We were looking around to find some cool stuff we could make some cool, earthy scvulptures for our garden. You ever seen like a cool wine barrel with a trippy little handmade waterfall in it, maybe some cool driftwood and plants hangin from it and it makes you think you could totally make one yourself if you went on a hike with Kristie to find stuff in the forest to make your own wine barrel waterfall thing? Well then you understand why I was out there! I planned to impress her by being a cool hippie guy and make some wine barrel waterfalls! So anyway, we were out there hiking around looking for stuff when all of a sudden I saw this strange, shimmery light on the trail in front of us! It turned out to be a fucking crazy-ass hole in the space time continuum!! "Trip out!" I yelled as I veered toward the strange light. Kristie yelled back at me,"Babe! Get the hell away from that dimensional gateway! You'll hurt youself!" But it was too late, I had already started walking towards the strange doorway and when I got closer I could see another weird reality reveal itself throught the door! My mind was completely blown as I saw what appeared to be, some kind of nether world flea market! It was full of mutants and bizarre misshapen humanoids shuffling around and making flea market deals in a united cocaphony of sounds and deformed voices! A hellish flea market full of poverty stricken demons and blue collar trolls! I yelled out, "HEY KRISTIE!! THERE'S SOME COOL MUTANTS OVER HERE! COME CHECK 'EM OUT!" Kristie ran over just in time to see a strange little imp-man with a bent back and some shaggy rag clothes peering through the gateway door at me! He looked at me and we locked eyes! I felt frozen in time as he shambled towards me from the other side. I watched in my paralyzed state as he came closer, stopping just before the shimmering door between our two worlds. I watched him reach one of his straggly little arms behind his bent back and produce an ugly little toy! He passed the strange figure through through the dimensional door and into my hands. I looked down and in my hand was this BLART SIMPSON! I asked him, "What in god's name is this wretched horror," to which he croaked, "Blart is number one top TV boy on cartoon screen! Eat more shorts he say always and more about the cow and always Blart does drive Home-dad so lunacy! Always shake a neck! Bootleg Blart 5 of MoxIco world. I buy and you give me weed from Earth town." Wow! I thought! This dude must be drunk on some netherworld moon shine!! I made a mental note to get me some of that, but in the meantime I think he just asked me to trade him some weed for some Blart toys! I started to think...Man, I could sell these bootleg netherworld Bart Simpson toys to some toy dudes who like to collect these freakish kinds of things! I mean, if they like to collect earthy toys, then toys from some other world has gotta be cool too, right? So basically, instead of being a total sheister with these toys and keeping them all for myself, I am going to sell them to you guys for only a $100 a pop, because I need the money to buy some wine barrels for my trippy waterfall project, OK!!!? You guys didn't forget about that part of the story, did you? So anyways, as we started back from the old bent man and his strange mutant flea market we noticed the shimmery door start to fade away. We plan to go back soon, but I don't know if the shimmery door will ever manifest again...

Blart Simpson goes on sale FRIDAY, FEBRUARY at NOON! Here on my webstore!!

Somewhere traversing outside of time, deep within wormholes of an unknown cosmos, a strange being walks...no he wanders!! Endlessly he wanders the halls of space and light. What odd murmurs exist within its shapeless mind? Or does it simply watch coldly with its ancient mind? What celestial ambition pushes it onward, ever traversing the palaces of the unknown? Unfazed and unfaltering in its quest...but a quest of what? To where? Does it know? Did it ever know, or does it just Wander...ever wandering....outside of time!

This project is in collaboration with David Healey who sculpted and created this resin piece. He is an incredible resin artisan who I will be collaborating again with this year so stay posted! This is David Healey's character Jin Baba, the Pakistani Boogeyman! I gave him a cosmic makeover...hope you like it!

This 4 inch tall mini megalith costs $75, is limited to 10 and will be released on JANUARY 18th at NOON on my shopify site!

You know, Christmas isn't always the warm,cozy and joyful holiday event that we'd like it to be. No, in fact it can be a time of materialistic obligation and mindless occupation of malls and stores you would rather not frequent to begin with. Sometimes I look around myself and think," Is there any way that I can show my disenchantment with mindless holiday consumerism? Is there any way I can punish the very people I am obligated to buy things for in a way that still honors the traditions of old?" Well if its punishment you seek to inflict, then look no further than this DARK CALL OF KRAMPUS print! This haunted 5 color silkscreen print embodies the dreaded ring of the Christmas devil's bell which kept children in line since the days of old! Punish your friends for wanting something expensive and technological with this Krampus print that promises an old timey birch branch ass whipping may soon be coming your way if you don't shape the hell up and appreciate what you have instead of wishing for something fancy from the goddamn fancy store! This print is perfect for a hideous child, a bad boyfriend, or an old burn out family friend who may or may not like to smoke pot and listen to Black Sabbath in your garage!

This 12″ x 12″ five-color screenprint on French's Old Green Speckletone paper, has a limited edition of 50 and costs $40. All prints are signed and numbered! The DARK CALL OF KRAMPUS is ON SALE NOW!!! It will also be shipped out with a FREE BUTCHER KINGS manifesto book featuring myself and Alex Pardee because I want to be a sweet Santa and not a Krunchy Krampus! That's right! The butcher kings book comes FREE with this amazing print! So click here to buy!

Amazingly printed by artists: Curtis Readel and Zach Schrey!

So Remember....
Santa brings a special glee, a sparkle to the eye
But brats take haste, the Krampus
Comes, to darken up the sky
A jolly old soul with a heart of gold,
Santa Claus is coming
With cloven hoofs and goatish horns,
the Krampus sends em' running
As good Saint Nick, will fill with toys,
His magical red sack
The Krampus has a birch club,
Strapped across his back
                                     - Kenneth Widman

Get in the spirit with this Krampus parade video!

HERE YOU INSANE HALLOWEEN FREAKS!!! COME TROT DOWN THE DARK ALLEY WITH YOUR BAG OF HIDEOUS CANDY!! You see I have some nice masks for you!!! The Aroma,by the coffin fiend ALEX PARDEE!!! The Cyco ape mask by CHARNEL SKULL RIPPER L'AMOUR SUPREME! And the Gaping Maw by YOUR GHOULISH GNASHING HOST, SKINNER.. These masks are made by Hollywood HORROR sculptor, PAT GIERHART from ATOMICVOMIT! Who meticulously sculpted and painted and otherwise hideously doctored up these dimensional beings from the specific visions of Alex, Lamour and I.. These masks are all high quality durable masks hand painted and cast by Pat specifically to your order.. Only 10 of each run.. They can be worn, and fit nicely and snug on a human head, or hung up as a limited art piece..All of these masks are available for $500 and it needs 4-6 weeks from the time of order to get to you! Place your orders now!!


You won't be sorry kids and ghouls!!

Skinner 'DIe' Frenzy Bros.: The Absolute

(Left)THE CANNIBAL PHANTOM - It's a bad guy...the worst...the worst bad guy. You know the story about how if Bill Gates drops a thousand dollars on the ground, that it wouldn't be worth his time to pick it up? Well that's how The Cannibal Phantom is about evil. He doesn't even have time to rape you...frankly that's old hat to him. Who has time for that type of behavior anyway? This guy doesn't! (points to Phantom Cannibal). Don't you want a bad guy around to kill the good guys?

(Right) Appalachian Inbred Cannibal Dad - Alright look, this is your dad. This is YOUR dad! The one you've been hiding. Don't be embarrassed of your cannibal dad from Appalachia. Everybody knows you're inbred anyways. There's a certain translucency to skin, that you just cant hide my friend. All the little blue vein and arteries are kind of ruining your chances of getting laid frankly. Don't be ashamed of your father, for he is not ashamed of you and your little blue veins you try to hide. Congratulations...you have a cannibal dad.

These will go on sale Thursday, Sept 20th.

Appalachian Inbred Cannibal Dad - http://nvy.gd/SuJPDz
The Cannibal Phantom - http://nvy.gd/SuGEvN

Adult Swim and Juxtapoz have both been very fun and good and nice and important art entities and they teamed up and I did a triptych for this issue that just came out...a very bizarre Heironymous Bosch triptych featuring the boys of DETHKLOK!...here is the art for your face, Enjoy....


Click on the photo to buy!

I have a new book being released online THIS FRIDAY, FEB 3 at ZEROFRIENDS.com!

And Skinner himself will be on hand, armed, and in person at the ZEROFRIENDS OAKLAND Retail store on Saturday, Feb 4 from 2-3PM for the official release/selling/signing/high fiving event in which anyone who buys the book in person on Saturday will be eligible for a FREE "BUTCHER KINGS" Zine in addition to the free 8"x 10"! Full details at the bottom of this post.

"Remember that metal-influenced dude that sat next to you in class that, Instead of working on whatever stupid school assignment was handed out for the day, he drew goblins and wizards with snakes for eyes? Well, Skinner is that dude, only he MASTERED that shit." - BRIAN POSEHN

"Skinner's wild world of demonic art reminds me that it's OK to look at scary creatures in a sensual manner. Yumm." - Andy Milanokis

"He's no Picasso!" - Dana "Master Shake" Snyder, Aqua Teen Hunger Force

"I just met Skinner but I have assessed in that brief encounter that he's on the right track. Taking things in stride and going along for the ride. That's the only way to play it." - James "DALEK" Marshall

"Skinner is a psychopathic psycho. That's the worst kind, you know..." - Larry Alberts. High School Art Teacher


172 Pages, 250 Illiustrations & Photos.

8.5" x 11". Hardcover.

Each copy is hand-signed by SKINNER

And as BONUS, The first 300 books that are purchased online at ZEROFRIENDS will come shipped with a FREE 8'x10" signed & numbered giclee print from Skinner!



Hey..I just got all these prints in stock...I would have gotten Them sooner but i was out for a bit...Which is good because now it gives people a chance to get them where as they sold out immediately during the release coinciding with the show...printed by the world famous firehouse boys in the bay...Im really honored to present this poster...they are $60 plus $10 shipping...$70...and I have a few of the deluxe ones for a $100...on gold paper or solky silver and one on the aged looking paper as well...hit me up or paypal me my paypal is my email address.. skimmerdog2003@yahoo.com ...Ok then check it out!

Shit where do I start on this...Ok so the Butcher King's show was an incredible adventure with my buddy Alex Pardee..we got to really indulge in some weird action that was documented in video as well as the small Butcher Kings manifesto which is available for $10 on the Zerofriends site...I will have some with me at New York Comic con so come hit me up if you want one...they are pretty great and have most of the paintings from the show in them...LA was insane and I saw Wiz Khalifa at Universal Studios...did a great Podcast interview on smodcast.com...totally obnoxious and fun...If you want to hear Jenson try to keep me on topic, which lets be honest...is being "on Topic" really that important? Yeah that's what I thought...There's still some really affordable stuff left at Gallery 1988 (click here to view them) ..so get it while you can I think half the show is already gone so go check it...Here's some links to videos and interviews and such...
Funny or Die.com
-- G4.com and SpankyStokes.com also did write ups on our show! Go Check them out!

Also While I was getting ready for the Butcher Kings show I recorded with my heavy ass band Ungoliant for our upcoming album "No More The World of Man" we are going to release all the songs soon but heres one of them
buy the first track for $1
and a review by Doommantia.com...check it...also, follow or (like) us on facebook.com/ungoliantdoom

And so...I also just finished a poster for the Primus tour and I will be selling it as soon as I get back from Cuba on the 28th...I am really proud of it...its here on the Primus Facebook page

So...I am going to be painting live at New York comic con and selling very limited prints there with some other amazing homeys...check it here
...I am also selling custom Ollies at Lash's booth which I don't know where it is...Mutant Vinyl Hardcore...

be lookin' at our twitters or something...I personally will be selling custom Ultrus Bogs which will be as rad as the ones I did at San Diego Comic Con...So try and come find my ass and I will get you laced up...I will be at the LuLuBell booth on Saturday I think...maybe noon or something and then also chillin' at the art hustle booth...I don't know when exactly but i will tweet on my twitter as soon as I know...hit me up if you have any questions ok? peace out!

Did this bad boy for justin at Rocket Society...only have to do 666 more customs to get my soul back from him...peep it!! Metal is awesome!! check out all the rest of the photos by my wizard buddy Hal Rotter on my Flickr Profile

So Last weekend was insane and fun and bizarre at the Outside Lands Festival as I painted two 24 foot long murals and tried desperately not to feel old as I went...

The first day was cold but my white trash appalachian blood kept me going and I busted ass...Chez worked on an insane shark mural on the other side as Sam Flores and Nate VanDyke did their thing on the other side...I love these guys...The buff screaming cat head beast the first day

and the 2 rabbits gnawing on some skulls the next...one of the graff dudes from the other side wanted to do the skulls so I let him get in there...

The Black Keys were amazing and Phish did a really great Zappa cover...alot of amazing and loving people came by and hugged me up and hi fived and were really sweet...alot of kids on drugs really excited about something visual...alot of little kids having fun...It was great!! heres some pics....the stage with my blown up art looked really kick ass and roots played with my art up on it so I am happy!!!

So I am officially putting my figures up for sale...$500.00 and I will throw in some cool stuff and I will even help with the shipping...just hit me up and we will see whats what...skimmerdog2003@yahoo.com.........they are finished and coated and will be a ripper evil iconic lord over your other figures...this is no mere toy, this is a fine art nether sculpture which is ridiculously limited...Theres only 4 of each one left since Frank Kozik got the first batch...

Alex and I are starting work on our two dude show this  week...it will be at gallery 1988 october 6th...totally ridiculous and completely insane...I cannot wait to see what happens...I have loved the chemistry of absurdity I have with this guy and the show will surely reflect that!!! fuck yes!! More details on this soon my friends....

Also on the tail end of the much anticipated release of the Ultrus Bog figure will be some new LuLuBell projects coming your way!! I am really excited about these new " things" and I am sure you will be too as you get your little mitts on them!! a couple of other secret projects involving some larger scale figures and an ultra bizarre project that I am very excited about slated to release in a couple months...a very shadowy guy in an alley approached me and told me I was his, "guinea pig" so will will see what this holds for us all!! hahahaha
I would also like to thank everyone who has gotten into my Critical Hit line of extreme gamer wear and new prints!!! It is really cool to see people respond to it in such an excited positive way!!!

Hey!! I will be at the San Diego Comic con going apeshit nerd level alpha and you should come to my booth and say "Wazzup" I am so happy to be teamed up with Dave Correia and Jon Wayshak!!
These are two of the most impressive graphic visionaries of our time and I will be in the booth with them gummin' up the works..I will try not to annoy them too powerfully or often but let's see what kind of zany comic con magic I can whip up..I can't wait to see everybody's new stuff this year..My only regret is that Kristie can't be there this year as it is our 7th comic con anniversary..She will be at her grandpa's 90th birthday...but I will bring her back some stuff...anyway...this is what's going on...I am releasing a super limited 10 piece Black Acid Lurker which is the best toy you will ever see in your life ever and that's a fact forever...It is the only toy that has been officially endorsed and approved by Charles Manson...

The Lurker got his hands on some really high grade shit and has now been coerced by his hippie cult leader to drop out of College and tune into a higher plane of Lurker virtue and wisdom...

Critical Hit will be unofficially launching...New limited prints and Shirts...The shirts rule your face..

The Ultrus Bog will finally be available and unveiled at My booth and the Lulu Bell booth..I will have two customs I have done for sale as well..

I am going to do a super limited print signing at the Dragatomi booth on Saturday at 3:00..right before that from 2:00-3:00 I will be at the Hi Fructose booth signing copies of the Suggestivism book..Nathan Spoor and Ron English will also be there signing as well as othe's I don't know about yet..but everybody in the book is the best artist ever so it will be incredible no matter what..I am stoked just to be next to these people in print and at a table..before that I will be at the data dub toy symposium with L'amour Supreme and Greg Rivera, both Mishka art warriors and I think they are both district managers for the 3 White Castles in Williamsberg, so you know the dudes be stackin'...Also theres a rumor that Alex Pardeezy might be there..So that is my saturday...nothing else really planned except hang out with the Washburn boys over at the Color Ink booth..These guys are my moonshine vikings and I love them so go check them out..the mini Toxic Lurker came out! It's the radioactive one that Ronald Reagan endorsed way back in the day...It's made out of recycled plutonium megazorbz so handle it with care and you should be alright..COLOR INK !

These are some of the other limited prints that will be available at Comic Con!

Anyways Please come say hi and I will try to be there as much as possible and not be a flake...Thank you so much for going to Comic Con because its a spiritual art/nerd/fun/friendship experience if you want it to be...Cool have a good one!
So Zombie cat is all good and taken care of....I went to go visit him at his new home with my friend Christina who is so sweet and kind...AND responsible which is really good for me so that I don't have to worry about my little buddy...I went over to go take his stitches out of his little arm and got this great pic of Christina holding little Zombirellie..His fur is soft and clean, His little face is healed up and he is super happy so that is a happy ending for the little howling street roamer...

Finished some killer shirt designs for Holy Grail and Skeletonwitch...
They are two ripper bands I really like and am happy to get evil for them..Im gonna do a couple more for them in the next month or so...they are great and easy to work with..My buddy Hal Rotter also did some designs for Skeletonwitch also and I got to pose for one of them which is rad! check his stuff out at RottingGraphics....He has really stepped his game up and is wrecking shit!

Another Ridiculous thing I did was work on a panel that is going to be apart of the worlds largest clock at Burning Man this year...It is actually sponsored by the Guinness Book of World Records which is a rad nerd bonus for me...Its kind of a killer nerd dream come true...Anyway..they are going to have a bunch of artists do the art for the different sides of the markers of time and theres going to be lasers and shit...I dont know...some burning man type shit...I wont be going but your parents might and they can tell us all about it! boooom...heres the panel i did...the theme is supposed to be Rites of Passage...

I did mine based on David Icke and his reptillian agenda...And Im pretty sure that reptiles ass rape and impregnate burnt out rockers in order to fulfill world domination...Hey!! dont look at me like that!! Its the reptillian agenda man!! This shit must be stopped...also my friend Kirsti told me about a snake man that comes out at night and rapes..I thought that was kind of cool..and the burn out rapee is holding a chilli limer which is awesome!! I could drink like 20 of those things and just thrash into the middle of hollow earth...tell you what...You keep me drunk on bud light lime twist chilli limers and i will smash reptiles all night...why not...

So I also did this shark painting to raise money to stop shark finning...Im sorry Chinese traditions but shark finning sharks into extinction is fucked over x a million and its stupid...I will drink 20 limers and punch all that soup out of your old wrinkled traditionalist head...cuz im a dick like that and i love animals more than your stupid last tooth hanging in your ancient shrunken apple head..Its just begging to get punched out...anyways its true...stop eating tiger dicks and shark fins you fucking weirdos...just stop eating meat alltogether and kick back and have a bud light chilli limer with me!!!.....

also, Heres some more random pics of my pieces for the Shooting Gallery show on my Flickr page, The Fragile Art of Existence opening August 6th! So yeah I did all this stuff and played music with my band...we are going to record in september...we have these shirts for sale of our killer band..UNGOLIANT.. only $12 bucks! can you fucking believe it? Pick one up on our new webstore http://ungoliant.storenvy.com

Have fun on 4th of July you crazy bastards!!! I love Kristie Harris!
peace homies....skinner
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