From the August 20th to the 23rd the NecronomiCon will be in full swing in Providence, Rhode Island, the lifelong haunt of HP Lovecraft! I'm going for the first time!! I am very excited because I'm a huge HP Lovecraft weird fiction nerd and a massive fan of the kind of strange cosmic horror and bizarre monstrous philosophies of what constitutes the smallness of man in a vast empire of a terrible writhing universe, that are present in his stories.. May the alien gods float on hot solar winds and come soon to take me awaaaaaaay!
But until then you will have to just read about it...
I did this new painting "AZATHOTH INVOKED"

a sort of uncontrolled wild motherfucker that can't be stopped and frankly, is just to hideous to behold!! But I tried to behold him or at least paint him for you to see. There's a high powered priest conjuring an Avatar of Azathoth right there. Look at him go! I also made a timelapse so you can see the painting be painted in real time and listen to unsettling melodies I created as well (with some amazing production help from Hal Rotter!)
A cool bonus about this whole thing? It will be one of the covers for the October issue of Heavy Metal Magazine! super bonus!

I am in the show with some other fantastic artists, and it is a great honor to be showing at the Providence art club with them!

Here is a link to all the info on that for further perusal!

The guest of honor is John Coulthart, of whom I am a great admirer! As well as Bob Eggleton! He has done some of the most iconic Lovecraftian paintings of the past ten years! And is also doing the interiors to Godzilla in Hell issue 2 coming out soon.. Anyways I do not want to blather on and on, I want you to see some previews of some of the amazing art that will be in the show!

by Bob Eggleton

"Abyssian Gazer" by Nick Gucker

"Yuggoth Cultures" by John Coulthart

"The Summoning" by Jeanne D'Angelo

"Ghooric Zone" by Robert H. Knox

by Santiago Caruso

"Summoning" by Liv Rainey-Smith

"Hands" Dana Glover

If you come out to the city wide celebration of HPL, I hope to see you!
I will also having cards with me to give out regarding the Cthulhu beer stein that is going to be available to purchase soon!
for more info visit:

Welcome to my "I'm Not At Comic Con And Neither Are You" Releases!

I needed a break from all the Comic Con madness this year, but I'm still releasing a bunch of rad stuff specifically for all you people also not at Comic Con! Cause we can still party, right guys? Hell Yes we can! And to prove it, I'm unleashing a swarm of brand-new epic silk screen prints, all-over printed t-shirts, Wisdom of the Lurker packs...AND the the debut of my Abominox vinyl toy!

PLUS!! Enter the discount code "PARTY" at checkout and save 10% on ALL shirts & prints Friday through Sunday!*

Everything goes up for sale this Friday (7/10/15) at noon (PST) on the Critical Hit webstore. Keep your eyes posted!

*NOTE: the discount only applies only to shirts and prints purchased this Friday through Sunday!


NEW†All-over 'discharge' screen-printed on American Apparel shirts!†Made in The USA



Debuting for the first time ever! Abominox the forgotten one. Betrayed by the laughing gods in the sky, left to decay in the frozen northern wastes of some lonely hell! Abominox has one echoing thought pulsing in his screaming mind...Revenge! Revenge on those who left him to die! He will get it...It may take a millennia but he will have it.

$150 each
-12.5" inches tall - comes with two clubs.
-Bagged with giant header cards.
-Only 20 figures available


Limited edition "Wisdom of Lurkers" Print/Figure Pack

There are 2 sets options: Glow in the dark and classic solid black!
5 figures per pack! Each comes with TWO random giclee mini prints!

Witness the Lurkers in their natural poses, contemplating death, crawling ever silently, giving a piggy back to a young one, hiding, and crouching on a cyclops skull! All the things that a lurker does in it's time in between lurking on you and your family! Sculpted to size by the ridiculously talented David Arshawsky who knocks it out of the park every time! These 2 inch tall to 2.5 inch tall sculpted figures are unique reminders of a darker world just outside of our own.

Over the last two months I have been working on paintings for my show at Vinyl On Vinyl in Manila, Philippines..
10 paintings that were to combine my love of silver age comics, and a recent more intense obsession with Jack Kirby as an artist and master of fantastic fiction. The aesthetic style of it influenced from different kinds of comics at the time of the silver age.. A little before or after as well.. KIRBY/DITKO bombast and action, E.C. Comics creepiness and sci fi weirdness as well as pre silver age stuff of the likes of L.B Cole.. I set out to do some weird comic book panel art that would be fun and easy to do for the show in Manila.. It was fun and indulgent even, but something happened as I was painting these... I was listening to Jack KIRBY interviews on YouTube and after I listened to all of those I was referred to Alan Moore interviews and grant Morrison interviews.. The Jack KIRBY interviews fascinated me because I love Jack Kirby and what he has done is sort of Mentor me from beyond the grave by providing the most incredible example of blue collar work ethic not to mention how weird and impressive and beautiful his imaginings always are.. He's not called the king for nothing.. Well the Alan Moore and grant Morrison interviews really set my mind off into a kind of interest in the psycho mental and spiritual involvement that creativity can invoke.. A sort of journey beyond the normal dimensions of story concepts and art as an imaginative astronaut willing to take on a mental freedom no matter how bizarre it could be.. A few Alan Moore interviews really got me thinking about how important socially active and antagonistic art is.. That it is at its best when it is for the people, not the status quo standard of self congratulating upper art echelons not available to the average joe.. It renewed my sense of this, although my modus operandi is to put my art in the hands of anyone if I can.. I then was in a mutational stage of silver age comic book social antagonism, which is ridiculous enough but then I started on the Robert Anton Wilson and Terrence Mckenna interviews.. Which completed my journey by bolstering my love of the absurd and the freedom it brings by overthrowing any current form of social niceties and standards, as well as kind of opening my mind to the spiritual shift that human beings are capable of through drugs and consciousness.. So of course whatever paintings I was working on by the time I was listening to Terrence McKenna, were completely taking an aggravated stance towards mentally inhibiting institutions.. The church, military industrial complexes, etc.. Of course i had to buy a couple of ounces of mushrooms so I could take them when I get back from my trip over seas.. Summer is good for hiking and spirit morphing! Haha!! So as I was painting this batch of weird paintings, I realized that a lot of what I was commenting on in these paintings were very Americanized themes and concepts.. Some emotional and some political.. I then thought of how the show was in the Philippines which is a country that I hear loves aspects of our western culture.. I thought of Fredric Wertham who wrote a book called " Seduction of the innocent" in 1954, which all but destroyed the comic book industry in the late 50's.. It put EC comics out of business, and the book claimed that comic books were influencing children with horrific themes and violence to be terrible, twisted future criminals.. It struck me that what really turns us into twisted versions of what could actually be, a peaceful beautiful organic occurance on earth, are our warlike behaviors, our social conditioning and standards, our subjugation and mental enslavement via stupid religions of ourselves and others..( there's a lot more to touch on but let's stick with only a few for now) .. Comic books don't make for a shitty world.. People doing the same dumb shit for generations and continuing the stupidity and lazy minded selfishness because we are addicted to things that work for us as an individual but put others back, make a shitty world.. We can't evolve if only a couple of people can afford it.. So I named the show "Seduction of The Innocent", an art show of my Wacky and critical commentary on some of our collective struggles as well as social/political institutions that I think will never get enough spankings.. And laying it out in my favorite art form style, comic books.. It has been an incredibly fun exercise into trying new things and pushing myself to do things I never had the discipline to mess with.(im looking at you, insane old tymey comic fonts) the show starts on March 25th.. A few days after my opening in Japan at Mishka Tokyo, which is where we are showing my new window display/installation for them on March 20th.. If anybody an come out and see me Id love though your face!
Thank you for reading my long pontificating description on how I arrived in a place of total confusion.

All paintings are on canvas
Acrylic, airbrush and ink
24x36 inches

1. Dysfunction, my old friend

2. Cosmic child, won't you love me?

3. Army of none

4. Hide the abnormal sense of self

5. The strange notion of equality and why it pisses off half the population

6. Be not afraid, little man

7. Reboot the system.

8. The green man hates them all

9. God and his uncanny ability to judge you

10. The zen of peace and it's fleeting nature

Hey!! This saturday! at Upper Playground! Alex and I will be signing our books from 2-4 in the afternoon at 5024SF or as its called, the Upper Playground...Its going to be CRAZAAAY! we are taking it over for the day selling all Mine and Alex's gear..shirts and books and prints for all you odd desires...I will be releasing these new prints below...pieces from My show, "The Fragile Art of Existence"...they are 17x 22 inches and go for $ to a 100 fine quality Giclees...I will be on hand to hug you up and high five your ass!! The prints go on sale Monday March 5th but will be available at the signing!!! word up!!!!

The Prints!

Some Shirts!

Hey!! I have a show up at the University of Iowa...UNI gallery.It is an honor to be showing in a fine museum quality gallery and to have worked with them on bringing this to fruition...all the people at UNI are amazing and kind...The show ill be up until FEBRUARY 1st,,,so go check it if you live out there!!! the other artists in the show are just incredibly talented as well..really humbling to be among them in this environment..Thank YOU!! Tom Bartel, Thaddeus Erdahl,Kiel Johnson, Mike Leavitt...all wonderful are some pics...

Hey San Antonio! I Love you...I love your fun old tymey people and houses and clubs where people go out and support music and art...I got to spend time with the nicest most gracious hosts..Rob Perez put on the art slam and it was amazing...quite alot to organize and not lose your mind..Thank you Rob...It was great! other news Cody Schibi is sick of hearing his last name...huh SHY-BEEEEE! he is a great artist and is only getting better...please investigate his art and be stoked...So basically the last couple of weeks were very difficult to deal with as more random bullshit was popping up and I was stressing on things I wish I did not have to...but I knew in the back of my mind that I was about to go on a ripper BROCATION! with Alex Pardee and La'mour Supreme...two guys that have on their own, made me grateful that I chose to try art as a career...or else I wouldn't be able to see them when I can...Alex inspires me to a ridiculous level and L'amour is my metaphysical guru who inspires me to not Body slam earth...L'amour has been doing the kind of next generation of what Illustrative Kirby lords should be able to do but can't...These guys make it super fun to try and keep up...ok ok...So i love them and you are sick of hearing about it...All three of us paintied this massive Human Centipede painting in about 5 hours and then we live painted til the end of the night....well alex was live sketching all night as the autograph line kept getting longer...W were doing this while incredible local bands played close by...It was many amazing artists were there painting and drawing all night...Texas baby...heres some pics of the mural....Thank you to everyone who came out and I hope to see you again!....

Shit where do I start on this...Ok so the Butcher King's show was an incredible adventure with my buddy Alex Pardee..we got to really indulge in some weird action that was documented in video as well as the small Butcher Kings manifesto which is available for $10 on the Zerofriends site...I will have some with me at New York Comic con so come hit me up if you want one...they are pretty great and have most of the paintings from the show in them...LA was insane and I saw Wiz Khalifa at Universal Studios...did a great Podcast interview on obnoxious and fun...If you want to hear Jenson try to keep me on topic, which lets be being "on Topic" really that important? Yeah that's what I thought...There's still some really affordable stuff left at Gallery 1988 (click here to view them) get it while you can I think half the show is already gone so go check it...Here's some links to videos and interviews and such...
Funny or
-- and also did write ups on our show! Go Check them out!

Also While I was getting ready for the Butcher Kings show I recorded with my heavy ass band Ungoliant for our upcoming album "No More The World of Man" we are going to release all the songs soon but heres one of them
buy the first track for $1
and a review by it...also, follow or (like) us on

And so...I also just finished a poster for the Primus tour and I will be selling it as soon as I get back from Cuba on the 28th...I am really proud of it...its here on the Primus Facebook page

So...I am going to be painting live at New York comic con and selling very limited prints there with some other amazing homeys...check it here
...I am also selling custom Ollies at Lash's booth which I don't know where it is...Mutant Vinyl Hardcore...

be lookin' at our twitters or something...I personally will be selling custom Ultrus Bogs which will be as rad as the ones I did at San Diego Comic Con...So try and come find my ass and I will get you laced up...I will be at the LuLuBell booth on Saturday I think...maybe noon or something and then also chillin' at the art hustle booth...I don't know when exactly but i will tweet on my twitter as soon as I know...hit me up if you have any questions ok? peace out!

HEEEEEY! heres a pic of the Mural i did for H space a couple months ago altogether in an easy to see kinda way..Havent been able to put it together this way.....its 40 feet by 18 feet tall!!!!!!

...also Heres some pics of the K street beautification project I did with the teens of the WIND center...working with them is very therapeutic for me and really puts the privilege of my life into perspective....young people trying to figure their lives out without parents or people that care...I love them alot...I can see their beautiful spirits while we joke and laugh and paint together...K street down here in sacramento is full of buildings that the city has reclaimed for some reason...its really stupid..this city could not be run by more emotionally unevolved disconnected and elitist morons...K street has been an endless project that millions of dollars has been wasted on by the Rockwellian delusions of a group of bickering adolescents we call "city council" oh yeah anyway...we put our paintings up inside buildings that have sat waiting to be used for something for years in an effort to quell the blight that is K street...It took the artistic efforts of some homeless teens to fix something that a council of overpaid miscreants could not...I am proud to say that I was apart of something organic and real that did something to brighten the day of people walking by abandoned buildings...I encourage everyone to do something in real time to change the conditions of their environment instead of waiting for people you don't know or trust to do something that you would not like anyway...WIND center rules!! Power to the people!
†Heres a link to the rest of the pictures on my Flickr!

Heres some flags I painted for my homies in the band Of Legends...stage banners for their upcoming should go check them out!!!! they are killing it right now!

Also I want to bring some attention to 2 local artists that live here in sacramento...amazing and brilliant people that I admire and respect....Gale Hart who is basically the hardest working artist in Sacramento whom I admire for her tenacity and ability..totally more powerful than anyone could guess by looking at her diminutive incredible animal rights activist and advocate for the arts in sacramento...I just wanted to share some of her stuff because it is severely underappreciated and crazy talented!!

Andy Steele is another local artist who just had a rad show at La Luz De Jesus in LA
(Click here to view his work at the gallery)...I have known him for a little while now and the dude is just ripping! getting better and better... was probably influenced byhis loose and splattery style for my last show on a subconscious level..or conscious..I cant tell the difference anymore but check out his stuff!! It rules....

So yeah thats my post about some I gotta get back to work on my show for October with Alex Pardeeee...
Gonna be bitchin'!!!

So Last weekend was insane and fun and bizarre at the Outside Lands Festival as I painted two 24 foot long murals and tried desperately not to feel old as I went...

The first day was cold but my white trash appalachian blood kept me going and I busted ass...Chez worked on an insane shark mural on the other side as Sam Flores and Nate VanDyke did their thing on the other side...I love these guys...The buff screaming cat head beast the first day

and the 2 rabbits gnawing on some skulls the of the graff dudes from the other side wanted to do the skulls so I let him get in there...

The Black Keys were amazing and Phish did a really great Zappa cover...alot of amazing and loving people came by and hugged me up and hi fived and were really sweet...alot of kids on drugs really excited about something visual...alot of little kids having fun...It was great!! heres some pics....the stage with my blown up art looked really kick ass and roots played with my art up on it so I am happy!!!

So I am officially putting my figures up for sale...$500.00 and I will throw in some cool stuff and I will even help with the shipping...just hit me up and we will see whats are finished and coated and will be a ripper evil iconic lord over your other figures...this is no mere toy, this is a fine art nether sculpture which is ridiculously limited...Theres only 4 of each one left since Frank Kozik got the first batch...

Alex and I are starting work on our two dude show this† will be at gallery 1988 october 6th...totally ridiculous and completely insane...I cannot wait to see what happens...I have loved the chemistry of absurdity I have with this guy and the show will surely reflect that!!! fuck yes!! More details on this soon my friends....

Also on the tail end of the much anticipated release of the Ultrus Bog figure will be some new LuLuBell projects coming your way!! I am really excited about these new " things" and I am sure you will be too as you get your little mitts on them!! a couple of other secret projects involving some larger scale figures and an ultra bizarre project that I am very excited about slated to release in a couple months...a very shadowy guy in an alley approached me and told me I was his, "guinea pig" so will will see what this holds for us all!! hahahaha
I would also like to thank everyone who has gotten into my Critical Hit line of extreme gamer wear and new prints!!! It is really cool to see people respond to it in such an excited positive way!!!

Hey! Thank you to EVERYONE who came to my opening saturday night at the shooting gallery! All the people who came from San Francisco and won't know how much I think about it when I have a moment of quiet...That the reason someone like me can do what I do is because, I am offered the energy and consideration of friends and Strangers...I think about it often and so I will continue to be accessible and loving to everyone I can...I want to be having as much fun with everyone and scream loudly and long into the night with all my friends....Justin has been really good to me and allows me the space to take alot of risks in my art and grow as a weirdo and an artist..Dayna, jenny, Lauren and Tova are really supportive as well and let me laugh and annoy them so they are cool with me...My girl, Kristie who supports me so much everyday...I love her and she looked really cute at the opening with her shirt she made and her hair was all beautiful and smelled good!! anyways..all my friends that came and even the ones who offered me love from over the interwebs cuz they couldnt make it, THANK†YOU!! so heres some pics and such and vids if you havent seen them....

SO!! also!! This weekend is the OUTSIDELANDS†FESTIVAL in San Fran and they are using my art for the Twin Peaks stage so i am pretty excited about that!! if you go look at my obnoxious art 42 feet high by 24 feet wide! 2 of them! aaaahahaahahah!! so crazy...I am really stoked! I will also be there painting live and getting sunburned...come give me a hi five and some sun burn lotion ok?? ok great I will need that!! ---click to read more---

HEY!!! Comic Con Is Insane!! Made it beautiful beautiful friends how I miss your little faces...Raged too hard...Screamed all night!..John Wayshak!! Dave Correia!! Paul Bustamante! These are the names of the people I stayed with...They are lovely...anyways...Im in talks with some interesting people about some cartoon show action that is going to be really fucking fun and could potentially spread my evil " wisdom" to others all across this world...Goddamnit if I don't see pictures of things I was doing that I barely remember...all kinds of breakdancing and yelling and interrupting award shows and shit...I hope people still want to talk to me...if they don't, well...fuck it...I will make it up...Ok so! For my Solo Show Saturday August 6th, I made some promo videos to talk about my new work, Knife throwing skills and to introduce the world to my number one psycho fan, who won the number one psycho fan of me contest...Here are the videos...ok the show is called " The Fragile Art Of Existence" because I have felt like existing in the last couple of months and years even has been an incredible and intense series of personal evolutions...I am overthrowing control and serious need to dominate my art in exchange for an experimentive and present mindful new direction...Please come to the opening in San Francisco if you can...

...Also Friday!!! Tomorrow night at the Minna Gallery there will be a very special Minna Sketch night...The money made from the show will go to A young girl named Kelly who is struggling with Cancer and needs help with the bills...
Here is the info and all whom will be attending!...
"FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY, JULY 29TH, 111 MINNA, you will not want to miss what is sure to be THE BEST SKETCH PARTY THAT SF HAS EVER WITNESSED. (And yes, you will want to re-read that statement out loud using your best Monster Truck announcers voice!) This sketch party ThunderSlam comes together to help raise funds for Kelly Malone, founder of The Indie Mart & Workshop SF, as she goes battle royale against an advanced stage of cancer AND squares off against the mounting hospital bills and chemo drug costs that have reared their evil heads. Hosted by SF artist Kelly Tunstall and WorkshopSF, this event offers a one-time opportunity to pick up affordable works drawn on the spot by an amazing lineup of Bay Area big guns. There will also be submitted art for auction, as well as special edition designs screen printed on WorkshopSF's favorite never-leave-home-without-i​t accessory: the beer koozie. DJ Sonny Phono & Romanowski will keep the hips bumping while the nimble drawing fingers do their thing. This is the second (and final) "Help Kelly Kick Cancer" fundraiser. It will be a fantastic night, and will support one rad lady. BE THERE!"

Here are 5 - 11"x17" paintings I did that Will go for $100 each!! Good ass deal!! I will also be sketching and painting all night...
various hideous things you will love and your mom will hate...I hope to see you there...
Much love from my goblin heart to your face!!! Talk to you soon!!!
Click Images For Larger View
Hey!! I will be at the San Diego Comic con going apeshit nerd level alpha and you should come to my booth and say "Wazzup" I am so happy to be teamed up with Dave Correia and Jon Wayshak!!
These are two of the most impressive graphic visionaries of our time and I will be in the booth with them gummin' up the works..I will try not to annoy them too powerfully or often but let's see what kind of zany comic con magic I can whip up..I can't wait to see everybody's new stuff this year..My only regret is that Kristie can't be there this year as it is our 7th comic con anniversary..She will be at her grandpa's 90th birthday...but I will bring her back some stuff...anyway...this is what's going on...I am releasing a super limited 10 piece Black Acid Lurker which is the best toy you will ever see in your life ever and that's a fact forever...It is the only toy that has been officially endorsed and approved by Charles Manson...

The Lurker got his hands on some really high grade shit and has now been coerced by his hippie cult leader to drop out of College and tune into a higher plane of Lurker virtue and wisdom...

Critical Hit will be unofficially launching...New limited prints and Shirts...The shirts rule your face..

The Ultrus Bog will finally be available and unveiled at My booth and the Lulu Bell booth..I will have two customs I have done for sale as well..

I am going to do a super limited print signing at the Dragatomi booth on Saturday at 3:00..right before that from 2:00-3:00 I will be at the Hi Fructose booth signing copies of the Suggestivism book..Nathan Spoor and Ron English will also be there signing as well as othe's I don't know about yet..but everybody in the book is the best artist ever so it will be incredible no matter what..I am stoked just to be next to these people in print and at a table..before that I will be at the data dub toy symposium with L'amour Supreme and Greg Rivera, both Mishka art warriors and I think they are both district managers for the 3 White Castles in Williamsberg, so you know the dudes be stackin'...Also theres a rumor that Alex Pardeezy might be there..So that is my saturday...nothing else really planned except hang out with the Washburn boys over at the Color Ink booth..These guys are my moonshine vikings and I love them so go check them out..the mini Toxic Lurker came out! It's the radioactive one that Ronald Reagan endorsed way back in the day...It's made out of recycled plutonium megazorbz so handle it with care and you should be alright..COLOR INK !

These are some of the other limited prints that will be available at Comic Con!

Anyways Please come say hi and I will try to be there as much as possible and not be a flake...Thank you so much for going to Comic Con because its a spiritual art/nerd/fun/friendship experience if you want it to be...Cool have a good one!
So Zombie cat is all good and taken care of....I went to go visit him at his new home with my friend Christina who is so sweet and kind...AND responsible which is really good for me so that I don't have to worry about my little buddy...I went over to go take his stitches out of his little arm and got this great pic of Christina holding little Zombirellie..His fur is soft and clean, His little face is healed up and he is super happy so that is a happy ending for the little howling street roamer...

Finished some killer shirt designs for Holy Grail and Skeletonwitch...
They are two ripper bands I really like and am happy to get evil for them..Im gonna do a couple more for them in the next month or so...they are great and easy to work with..My buddy Hal Rotter also did some designs for Skeletonwitch also and I got to pose for one of them which is rad! check his stuff out at RottingGraphics....He has really stepped his game up and is wrecking shit!

Another Ridiculous thing I did was work on a panel that is going to be apart of the worlds largest clock at Burning Man this year...It is actually sponsored by the Guinness Book of World Records which is a rad nerd bonus for me...Its kind of a killer nerd dream come true...Anyway..they are going to have a bunch of artists do the art for the different sides of the markers of time and theres going to be lasers and shit...I dont know...some burning man type shit...I wont be going but your parents might and they can tell us all about it! boooom...heres the panel i did...the theme is supposed to be Rites of Passage...

I did mine based on David Icke and his reptillian agenda...And Im pretty sure that reptiles ass rape and impregnate burnt out rockers in order to fulfill world domination...Hey!! dont look at me like that!! Its the reptillian agenda man!! This shit must be stopped...also my friend Kirsti told me about a snake man that comes out at night and rapes..I thought that was kind of cool..and the burn out rapee is holding a chilli limer which is awesome!! I could drink like 20 of those things and just thrash into the middle of hollow earth...tell you what...You keep me drunk on bud light lime twist chilli limers and i will smash reptiles all night...why not...

So I also did this shark painting to raise money to stop shark finning...Im sorry Chinese traditions but shark finning sharks into extinction is fucked over x a million and its stupid...I will drink 20 limers and punch all that soup out of your old wrinkled traditionalist head...cuz im a dick like that and i love animals more than your stupid last tooth hanging in your ancient shrunken apple head..Its just begging to get punched out...anyways its true...stop eating tiger dicks and shark fins you fucking weirdos...just stop eating meat alltogether and kick back and have a bud light chilli limer with me!!!.....

also, Heres some more random pics of my pieces for the Shooting Gallery show on my Flickr page, The Fragile Art of Existence opening August 6th! So yeah I did all this stuff and played music with my band...we are going to record in september...we have these shirts for sale of our killer band..UNGOLIANT.. only $12 bucks! can you fucking believe it? Pick one up on our new webstore

Have fun on 4th of July you crazy bastards!!! I love Kristie Harris!
peace homies....skinner

So Hurley opened up an incredible art space for artists to really go all out on in installation mural form some years ago..Dalek, James Marshall is the curator and he asked Bwana Spoons, Justin " Scrappers" Morrison, Martin Ontiveros and myself to come down here and basically challenge ourselves to see how big we could go with vision, impact and scope of psychedelic intention and love of creative of now we are five days into it and this has been the most incredible experience in sharing such a large space completely supported and advocated by the folks here at Hurley...we have had an amazing assistant by the name of Cody Lusby who is also an amazing young artist who looks alot like David Crosby...look out for him because he is also a great artist and painter...
The show opens Saturday at 6:00 and it is absolutely going to rule...H Space here at Hurley international...the address is 1945 Placentia Avenue, Costa Mesa Ca 92627...If you live in LA or San Diego you should really try and make it out!! It is going to be alot of fun...I am really honored to have shared this time with my favorite mountain men from the pacific northwest..Bwana, Scrappers and Martin are easily blowing away my understanding of what they were capable of..their work ethic and ambitious vision is really humbling..I will always look back on this experience as a really valuable time in my art my life...Please check out the teaser vid and pics...If you want to see even more personal vids of us together creating go check them out on scrappers facebook page and his flikr...hope you can make it out!!!! when its done I will post more pics for those of you who cant experience it in real life!!! Have a good one, skinner

The show Im working on for the Shooting Gallery titled.. "The Fragile Art of Existence" going to be alot more introspective and meditational...Im not rushing anything and I am experimenting alot more...Im a little less preoccupied with how angry I am about the darkness and injustice of the world and I am more focused on my own personal journey to find peace with my own anger about the issues I care about...What good is being alive if I can't enjoy it...This is alot less aggressive showing of my art...

Photos by Hal Rotter

Sitting here A couple days before the apocalypse...Kinda coming down with a flu and working on new stuff for my show at the Shooting Gallery, The Fragile Art of Existence...Maybe god will intervene and take us and sort us out...Oh well..Im going to keep painting...Heres an article about the math behind the apocalypse..kind of hilarious and trippy...the quotes from the people involved are goddamn hilarious...
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