Killer Krampus!! SKINNER X KROTPONG!
This vinyl figure is so involved and incredible! the angry child that comes with it can go in the bucket krampus wears on his back or it can run freely around, poisoned from the evil energy and beatings that come with being a young victim of Krampus's wrath! all painted with V Color and chained with the cold iron from the mountains of hell...His demon hoof hot and black and his human foot cold and dead from a millennium of frost bite..These will go on sale Thursday, December 12th and will be shipped that day, priority, to make sure that you can purchase these as a gift for someone and have them in time for Christmas..or for your own hideous collection! These come with a 12X12 5 color silk screen print of Krampus that I illustrated.. The Krampus prints are also available on my webstore without the print! 7 inches tall and limited to 11 pieces! $200 available at noon on Thursday!
Order here on my webstore:

In spending many late nights focused quietly on the weirdness of old books, comics and strange tomes of bestial lore, I find myself drawing these images as the world rests...uninterrupted and relaxed...Only the occasional sound of soft cat steps and muffled hobo arguments to add to the mood...these times drawing in the last couple months reminded me of when I was a teenager staying up late listening to depressing music and Looking at Fiend Folios and sketching mindflayers.. Moments of quiet reflection are fleeting in the adult world i live in now and it makes the times I get to draw that much better..I am putting out this 5 print set of Nostalgic beasts, demons and crawlers unknown, Inspired by the obscure art books I have collected as a small special print set celebrating weirdness,monsters and psychedelic art...only 30 sets of 5 silk screened mini prints ( 8.5 X 11) and a pair of chroma depth glasses to go with them. I wanted this to be a really special and limited set of detailed multi color prints that people could of the prints is even 6 colors! These prints would sell individually for $40! but you get five of them for $120! The Official Print cover tells you which of the run of the " Journey Of The Unmind- Dead Folk Arcana"  prints you got! They come with a protective folio cover emblazoned with the Critical Hit seal of quality!!! Printed by the one and only Curtis Readel! The same guy that printed my Space Biker and Ghoul King prints! This is a really cool collection of weirdness, sure to please your warped inner freak! There are only 30 available, They will not be reprinted! They go on sale on friday september 27th at Noon!


ALSO! I've just released these Semi-Korosiya silkscreen prints as well!

Doing A print for My favorite band for their 30th anniversary of being the BEST band in the world is an honor! THE GREATEST HONOR! for a show in Seattle no less! asked by Secret Serpents!! let alone the fact that the7y were made by Monolith Press! The whole thing is an epic combination of forces that could only bring about something special, and I am beyond excited to have done it! I thank The Melvins, Justin at Secret Serpents and Maus for making it an incredible experience! I am releasing these 9 artist proofs on my site here for $75...5 color silk screened madness by monolith press so you know its good! i THINK THERE MAY BE A FEW OF THE REGULAR RUN LEFT ON SECRETSERPENTS.COM BUT LAST i CHECKED THEY ARE GETTING LOW, so hurry up if thats what you are looking for! I also still have a few of the Tomahawk artist proof prints i did with Secret Serpents as well so check em out!


When Cop A Squat Toys hit me up about doing a run of these, I immediately saw the potential in such a weird, and what I would consider to be, traditional looking character in the vein of Battling Kaiju via Ultra Man and vintage Sci-Fi...It just looks cool to me...Then when Adam Saul told me that He could silk screen a header, I thought the project could really be special...well, then I decided to stay home one day and hang out with my cats ( The Clone seemed sad), and draw the header, I kinda just started expanding on what I wanted to do until I had drawn a big dissected version of the Semi Korosiya so you could see the inner workings of the THING! I then sent it to Adam and we decided it should be a what started as a simple run of these bad boys turned into a whole production with a print and incredible silk screen header as well...I painted them up over at Kozik's with V color and gave them an evil Black Iron Golem look with gold armor nubs and an evil all seeing eye...Im really proud of the way this colaboration turned out and anyone who is lucky enough to get one will have the print, the header ( which is a print in itself), and the bad ass toy...there are 10 of them and will be $225...They will go on sale thursday august 29th at noon pacific, I will mail them out that day! available on

Here's a lil vid of the header!

and here's a lil video of the silkscreen print!

Hey there true believers! It is time to blow your mind! I am releasing this immaculately psychedelic 8 color silk screen print on Monday AUGUST 5TH!!! At NOON Pacific time! 18X24 inch vision of epic savagery! It comes in 2 is the prints that were not damaged in their shipping to my studio, which will cost a $100 in an edition of 39. ( Thanks Fed Ex, ye transporters of ill repute!) The other version is one that has small corner damage to one or two of the corners of the print that will not be visible once framed for $80 in an edition of 61! The damage is minimal but i want you, The buyer to know before you buy it! Either way, Both print editions will come with:

One 8 color hand pulled silk screen Space Biker Print
One silk screen sticker pack of 10 stickers
One butcher kings book
One pair of chroma depth glasses to see the strange dimension of these things!

I am throwing in the butcher kings book because the glasses work on the images in there as well in making things 3-D

I made these as a visual transport back to those psyche fueled days of old...Blacklighte posters! Heavy Metal style! Reading old comics and smoking weed behind the bleachers at school! The 70's nostalgia of the past. knew my buddy Curtis Readel could give these the treatment I wanted on them so that when you hold them in your hands, they vibrate with energy and have a weight that demands attention! 8 colors is alot for one man to take on and he did it! This was a challenging project for him but he pulled it off beautifully! The chroma depth glasses only add to the experience by offering another dimension through which to view this monstrous print! It is printed on French's starch white 140 weight paper! HEAVY!

Scroll below to see THE GOODS!





SPLUURT CADAVER KIDS BABY!!!! run of 10! $150 available at noon, Thursday! The 4th of July on my site

I really pushed myself to give this beautiful little dude the attention it deserves..many layers and tones..i made the teeth gross! yellowy orange and they want to bite your finger buddy! a little patchwork nightmare! Joe (Spluurt) is ana amazing creator and I love his newer stuff so keep a lookout on this guy! he rips!

6 color mind melter!! Silk screened by the one and only MONOLITH PRESS!!! do amazing work and I love them! You know who else I love? Mastodon! They are beautiful people who are basically the only ones presenting art and heart on the Mayhem festival which is the only other place you can get one of these...The only place you can get one now is through your dude Skinner ( yeah i talk in 3rd person) 18 X 24 inch beautifully strange black light style print is $50 for the regular run which I only have 9 of or $60 for the artist proofs which I only have 10 of ! they are not gonna be around long so come grab one here...   and I will send it to you so you can be happy!

In an effort to make my art as accessible as possible to all people, I am releasing over 30 new prints ranging in price from $10 for 5 by 7 inch prints, $15 for 8 by 10 inch prints, $30 for 12 by 12 inch prints as well as my $50 22 by 17 inch prints! Not to mention my new giant size Prints that are 24 inch by 36 inches for $150…I just want these hi quality Giclee prints created fresh here in the warehouse by Giclee printing wizards, Zerofriends, to be in the hands of people who love them…Let the bizarre energy they provide encourage you to explore the mysteries of life..AAAND. the First 20 orders who order $50 or more on prints will get a free silk screen vinyl sticker sheet! Here are all the pieces that are available now printed with archival inks on velvet cotton Fine art paper! Let's get weird kids, please look below and behoooold!

Visit my online store:

If you do not know who Paul Kaiju is by now you must be hidden away underneath a rotten Mushroom behind a shanty barn or somethin' man, because he is a Demi-God and he creates the most incredible Kaiju Mutants on Earth. Well Here is my Micro Run Of these bad boys...DEAD GOD NARCOTIC!!  The residual cosmic growths left over from an infinite series of reborn prehistoric God deaths...They will get you real high man!! I painted these and taped them off and meticulously adapted them so that they will glow in the dark as phantoms who watch you sleep..The eyes that see, the teeth that nash, and the boots that kick! Kick I say!! kick you in your sleep! Ever kicking in a relentless rhythm of pain! Pain I say!! Your pain!!...Behold the Dead god Narcotic...A series of 4...available on my webstore: Monday April 15th at noon...$400. Be there or be bummed, man!

                                                         ONE BOG TO RULE THEM ALL!! THE ULTRUS BALROG!!

One of the chief minions of the shadowed Lords of Mordor! Sent to do the foulest of errands concerning the enemies of Morgoth, Sauron, and Melkor. Driving away Ungoliant, Battling Gandalf and keeping the unhallowed halls of the under earth clean of any good dwarven race. These smoldering, fire lashed Bogs have the heavy burden of the ring around their neck. The Elven tongue lazered into the steel ring is a reminder of the scalding birth it bore at the hands of evil in Mount Doom. This highly detailed piece is limited to a run of only 10 and is complete with the ring of power around its neck-- the precious that shall never leave its burning claws.

ULTRUS BALROG is priced at $300 and comes with a lazer engraved steel replica of the one ring to rule them all! This Bog has been specially crafted and is an homage to the love Skinner has for Lotr and its genius villain! This limed run of 10 go on sale here this MONDAY, MARCH 11TH AT NOON!!!


The Lurker understands your loneliness! The lurker understands your obsessive nature and your neurotic fixations on those you can never have! The Lurker supports this behavior! The Lurker encourages you to focus your little psycho lazer of love on everyone around you while maintaining a very creepy distance and aloof demeanor that will have people concerned for their safety in no time!  He gives you the tools of love that help you show your affection for someone you have been staring at ceaselessly from behind a dumpster! A necklace that shows your true essence of insane commitment!

And as if the Pewter Lurker being on sale for only $35 a pop isn't enough, ANYTHING purchased from Critical Hit over $20 from now until Valentines day come with a surprise, limited edition Valentines card printed on high quality cotton rag paper! These Valentines will make it clear that you aren't sure how to deal with your feelings, but you know damn well that the object of your desire will know you have them!

This sale is only good until Valentines day, February 14th, so scoop up something rad for the one you love and score a FREE 5x7 giclee Lurker print for your honey! 


Pewter Lurkers limited to 15.
Bronze Lurkers limted to 4 and are on sale from $65 to $50!
Lurker Valentines are 5x7 giclee prints

Introducing...BLART & HIS SON ABORT!!! By Skinner X Coma21

This incredible bootleg is from...another dimension!! Yeah! You heard me right! I GOT THIS TOY FROM ANOTHER FREAKIN DIMENSION! How did that happen you ask? Gather round and I'll tell you the tale! 

It all started the other day when I was hiking around this enchanted forest with Kristie. We were looking around to find some cool stuff we could make some cool, earthy scvulptures for our garden. You ever seen like a cool wine barrel with a trippy little handmade waterfall in it, maybe some cool driftwood and plants hangin from it and it makes you think you could totally make one yourself if you went on a hike with Kristie to find stuff in the forest to make your own wine barrel waterfall thing? Well then you understand why I was out there! I planned to impress her by being a cool hippie guy and make some wine barrel waterfalls! So anyway, we were out there hiking around looking for stuff when all of a sudden I saw this strange, shimmery light on the trail in front of us! It turned out to be a fucking crazy-ass hole in the space time continuum!! "Trip out!" I yelled as I veered toward the strange light. Kristie yelled back at me,"Babe! Get the hell away from that dimensional gateway! You'll hurt youself!" But it was too late, I had already started walking towards the strange doorway and when I got closer I could see another weird reality reveal itself throught the door! My mind was completely blown as I saw what appeared to be, some kind of nether world flea market! It was full of mutants and bizarre misshapen humanoids shuffling around and making flea market deals in a united cocaphony of sounds and deformed voices! A hellish flea market full of poverty stricken demons and blue collar trolls! I yelled out, "HEY KRISTIE!! THERE'S SOME COOL MUTANTS OVER HERE! COME CHECK 'EM OUT!" Kristie ran over just in time to see a strange little imp-man with a bent back and some shaggy rag clothes peering through the gateway door at me! He looked at me and we locked eyes! I felt frozen in time as he shambled towards me from the other side. I watched in my paralyzed state as he came closer, stopping just before the shimmering door between our two worlds. I watched him reach one of his straggly little arms behind his bent back and produce an ugly little toy! He passed the strange figure through through the dimensional door and into my hands. I looked down and in my hand was this BLART SIMPSON! I asked him, "What in god's name is this wretched horror," to which he croaked, "Blart is number one top TV boy on cartoon screen! Eat more shorts he say always and more about the cow and always Blart does drive Home-dad so lunacy! Always shake a neck! Bootleg Blart 5 of MoxIco world. I buy and you give me weed from Earth town." Wow! I thought! This dude must be drunk on some netherworld moon shine!! I made a mental note to get me some of that, but in the meantime I think he just asked me to trade him some weed for some Blart toys! I started to think...Man, I could sell these bootleg netherworld Bart Simpson toys to some toy dudes who like to collect these freakish kinds of things! I mean, if they like to collect earthy toys, then toys from some other world has gotta be cool too, right? So basically, instead of being a total sheister with these toys and keeping them all for myself, I am going to sell them to you guys for only a $100 a pop, because I need the money to buy some wine barrels for my trippy waterfall project, OK!!!? You guys didn't forget about that part of the story, did you? So anyways, as we started back from the old bent man and his strange mutant flea market we noticed the shimmery door start to fade away. We plan to go back soon, but I don't know if the shimmery door will ever manifest again...

Blart Simpson goes on sale FRIDAY, FEBRUARY at NOON! Here on my webstore!!

Somewhere traversing outside of time, deep within wormholes of an unknown cosmos, a strange being he wanders!! Endlessly he wanders the halls of space and light. What odd murmurs exist within its shapeless mind? Or does it simply watch coldly with its ancient mind? What celestial ambition pushes it onward, ever traversing the palaces of the unknown? Unfazed and unfaltering in its quest...but a quest of what? To where? Does it know? Did it ever know, or does it just Wander...ever wandering....outside of time!

This project is in collaboration with David Healey who sculpted and created this resin piece. He is an incredible resin artisan who I will be collaborating again with this year so stay posted! This is David Healey's character Jin Baba, the Pakistani Boogeyman! I gave him a cosmic makeover...hope you like it!

This 4 inch tall mini megalith costs $75, is limited to 10 and will be released on JANUARY 18th at NOON on my shopify site!

STICKERS!!! They have shaped the world in ways we will never fully grasp. Legend tells of many mighty kings, queens and emperors who used stickers to forge great kingdoms. They can be powerful adhesive tools for domination or they can be flimsy, crappy, sticky fail slaps! You must decide! And so ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the first series of incredibly high caliber silk-screen masterpieces by Stickerobot! These are insanely high quality reproductions of my more intense paintings in a series that will help you forge your own empire! This sticker pack holds 10 epic multi-colored silk-screen masterpieces: 5 images, 2 of each! Order now and let these stickers lead you down a passage that the gods themselves have willed for you!

Series 1 Product Details:

Each pack contains 10 super high quality stickers, sealed in snazzy packs!

Stickers are screen printed onto thick white vinyl with heavy backing!

3 coats of clear UV protection so you can leave them on your car for daaaaaaays!

Custom sticker printing by Sticker Robot!

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