THE ULTRUS BOG! The most powerful vinyl toy in the history of vinyl toys! 6 colors! 12 bogs! No survivors!!! White, blue, black, green, yellow and orange! You wont see a mixed parts vinyl toy with this many colors AGAIN!!† Each bog is unique and in the spirit of Christmas the one you order will be a surprise!! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO ORDERED! WE ARE OFFICALLY SOLD OUT!

You know, Christmas isn't always the warm,cozy and joyful holiday event that we'd like it to be. No, in fact it can be a time of materialistic obligation and mindless occupation of malls and stores you would rather not frequent to begin with. Sometimes I look around myself and think," Is there any way that I can show my disenchantment with mindless holiday consumerism? Is there any way I can punish the very people I am obligated to buy things for in a way that still honors the traditions of old?" Well if its punishment you seek to inflict, then look no further than this DARK CALL OF KRAMPUS print! This haunted 5 color silkscreen print embodies the dreaded ring of the Christmas devil's bell which kept children in line since the days of old! Punish your friends for wanting something expensive and technological with this Krampus print that promises an old timey birch branch ass whipping may soon be coming your way if you don't shape the hell up and appreciate what you have instead of wishing for something fancy from the goddamn fancy store! This print is perfect for a hideous child, a bad boyfriend, or an old burn out family friend who may or may not like to smoke pot and listen to Black Sabbath in your garage!

This 12″ x 12″ five-color screenprint on French's Old Green Speckletone paper, has a limited edition of 50 and costs $40. All prints are signed and numbered! The DARK†CALL†OF†KRAMPUS is ON SALE NOW!!! It will also be shipped out with a FREE BUTCHER KINGS manifesto book featuring myself and Alex Pardee because I want to be a sweet Santa and not a Krunchy Krampus! That's right! The butcher kings book comes FREE with this amazing print! So click here to buy!

Amazingly printed by artists: Curtis Readel and Zach Schrey!

So Remember....
Santa brings a special glee, a sparkle to the eye
But brats take haste, the Krampus
Comes, to darken up the sky
A jolly old soul with a heart of gold,
Santa Claus is coming
With cloven hoofs and goatish horns,
the Krampus sends em' running
As good Saint Nick, will fill with toys,
His magical red sack
The Krampus has a birch club,
Strapped across his back
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† - Kenneth Widman

Get in the spirit with this Krampus parade video!

HERE YOU INSANE HALLOWEEN FREAKS!!! COME TROT DOWN THE DARK ALLEY WITH YOUR BAG OF HIDEOUS CANDY!! You see I have some nice masks for you!!! The Aroma,by the coffin fiend ALEX PARDEE!!! The Cyco ape mask by CHARNEL SKULL RIPPER L'AMOUR SUPREME! And the Gaping Maw by YOUR GHOULISH GNASHING HOST, SKINNER.. These masks are made by Hollywood HORROR sculptor, PAT GIERHART from ATOMICVOMIT! Who meticulously sculpted and painted and otherwise hideously doctored up these dimensional beings from the specific visions of Alex, Lamour and I.. These masks are all high quality durable masks hand painted and cast by Pat specifically to your order.. Only 10 of each run.. They can be worn, and fit nicely and snug on a human head, or hung up as a limited art piece..All of these masks are available for $500 and it needs 4-6 weeks from the time of order to get to you! Place your orders now!!


You won't be sorry kids and ghouls!!

Skinner 'DIe' Frenzy Bros.: The Absolute

(Left)THE†CANNIBAL†PHANTOM†- It's a bad guy...the worst...the worst bad guy. You know the story about how if Bill Gates drops a thousand dollars on the ground, that it wouldn't be worth his time to pick it up? Well that's how The Cannibal Phantom is about evil. He doesn't even have time to rape you...frankly that's old hat to him. Who has time for that type of behavior anyway? This guy doesn't! (points to Phantom Cannibal). Don't you want a bad guy around to kill the good guys?

(Right) Appalachian Inbred Cannibal Dad - Alright look, this is your dad. This is YOUR dad! The one you've been hiding. Don't be embarrassed of your cannibal dad from Appalachia. Everybody knows you're inbred anyways. There's a certain translucency to skin, that you just cant hide my friend. All the little blue vein and arteries are kind of ruining your chances of getting laid frankly. Don't be ashamed of your father, for he is not ashamed of you and your little blue veins you try to hide. have a cannibal dad.

These will go on sale Thursday, Sept 20th.

Appalachian Inbred Cannibal Dad -
The Cannibal Phantom -

L' Amour Supreme X Skinner: Installation for Mishka

Feature from Be Street French Urban Magazine

The answer equals = Not getting sued for interpreting Jim Phillips' art...but getting paid instead. Here's what the moving parts look like.†

Well...SDCC, the insane amorphous mass of quivering nerdist intent is popping off starting tonight and ending sometime in the mass exodus Sunday evening...For this particular level of hell i have made 4 custom Ultrus Bogs.."The devils Bodyguard" a series of only 4..painted with Monster Kolor and $300...if you want one of these guys you have to find me pretty much..I will be hanging around and checking in with the Color Ink dudes who also have a sort of final release of the Resin Lurkers we have been releasing intermittently for the last 2 years..There are 14 gold edition $30 these are priced cheaply to show appreciation to people and collectors who have been fans of the Lurker releases...There will be a few black with glow in the dark eyes but i dont know how much those are...the next Lurker release you see very well may be a vinyl version of the prototype we had at the last year Comic con...these are all sculpted by David Arshawsky whom you ninja turtle nerds may recognize as the sculptor of some of those ninja turtle figures from so long ago...its an honor for sure...I also have a shit ton of rad Customs I did for the lulubell % and dime show Friday night...Grody Shoguns, Grody Heads, En Men and more...oh yeah Sea Gools! Paul kaiju for president!...I will also be giving out a shitload of free buttons that were made by my buddy gabriel at Buttonlab!†† I will be doing a signing at Color Ink Booth 4934† from 3-5 then Im going to see DethKlok play on an aircraft carrier
Saturday i will be at ZeroFriends booth 5502 from 1:30-3:00...I will sign your book or draw you a sketch! come meet me and Alex's weird asses! Ok!! when I get back I will be doing Ultrus Bog Customs for anyone who missed out at Comic con...PEACE!

The Great Race! Those cosmic scientists who have made their races work, to research every living being by exchanging consciousnesses...they take your mind and put it in their body and you can scurry about their great libraries learning about any planet at any time in history they put their vast intellectual and curious mind in your body and set about learning and taking notes about the scientific aspects of the natural world and its be taken and recorded in the library of cosmic understanding and history...the Great Race welcomes you to stay awhile so that they may use your body to learn of your world...your friends may see a strange transformation in your behavior as you are now not whom you appear to be!!! these figures go on sale monday june 25 at noon! here is the link to the webstore so you may purchase it! the second to last figure in Jay222 and my lovecraft education project...the last one is coming out next month!

Adult Swim and Juxtapoz have both been very fun and good and nice and important art entities and they teamed up and I did a triptych for this issue that just came out...a very bizarre Heironymous Bosch triptych featuring the boys of DETHKLOK! is the art for your face, Enjoy....

This is a film I got to make with an amazing film maker/artist, Marcella Ernest and my animation buddy, Walter Parenton who Is an artist in his own right...He has helped me with the Wisdom of the Lurkers cartoon and the Ultrus Bog promo from awhile ago...he does great things...Marcella asked me to participate in the making of this piece for showing a museum she works with...... I then showed it at my opening in New York, where people got to be enthralled with its general weirdness and otherworldly narrative...Marcella's part is a really gripping style of photo stop motion type of film sculpture, where the moments inbetween the actual frame are just as important in creating a stuttering kind of flow...its sort of an Occult kind of dream lapse into a cold corner of the wilderness wrapped in a sort of David Lynchian nightmare sequence..needless to say, I love it...Walter did an amazing job sequencing a weird animation of symbols and Kochina chase scenes...psychedelic overtures and texture make it fit right in with the incongruent splintering of reality that the film demonstrates...The music is sections of my band out of sequence and providing some of the weird atmosphere...Marcella's music is a stark series of creepy noises which are perfect... I did all my art for it with these Copic Markers that were sent to me by the kind people at Copic who made a sort of Skinner Color set...

Without further ado, Here is the video...check it out, Share it and feel weird...

Marcella Bio and Viz-Hun statement

Marcella is a video artist and experimental filmmaker. Her award winning short films and video projects have exhibited at galleries and film festivals both nationally and internationally. As an artist Marcella tries to articulate the private and the public self through site and sound. Using video as a tool to physically create a sense of place. Her works create images and movement with resonance and Native language that reveals emotion of life and culture; not as stagnant and individual, but as an amalgamation, or a complex mixture.

In 2012 Marcella will have numerous screenings and art exhibitions at such places as the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C, the Seattle International Film Festival, Museum of Arts and Design in New York City, Spain and Nepal. The short film, Viz-Hun, created in collaboration with SKINNER and Walter IV, was produced for the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts ongoing Vision Project. Sponsored by the Ford Foundation, Viz-Hun is an experimental animation project that negotiates ideas of cultural taboo, apprehension and meanings of fear projected through images. In winter of 2012, Marcella and Skinner worked with Walter IV to create this complex nightmare of imagination and sound; graphic design and artistic production support was in collaboration with the artist Jolene Yazzie, and original music was provided by Ugoliant.
The Deep Ones!!! New Lovecraft Release!

Being released on Monday May 21st at Noon! $100 plus $10 for shipping, $15 for out of country...These 6 inch tall Cthulhu worshipping denizens of the dark waves of the worlds ocean are ready to come for you. Pull you down into the depths so that you may join them in the Call back to the ancient Lair where Cthulhu lays dreaming...awaiting the Stars alignment when one day He will rise and take the world back as his own...what will he do with the world once he awakens? who knows...probably just walk around and scare the dogshit out of everyone...Thats what I would do anyways...ok so heres the link where you can buy these...

Wooooah!! as you may know, The Elder Things needed someone or some "Thing" to carry out their mundane duties and such...What does an Elder Scientist do? make a race of hideous amorphous and submissive slaves...a roiling mass of hideous subservient intent...well A Shoggoth can only put up with so many millenia of slavery and then uprising of course!! Shoggoth Slaves can get together and take over the massive psyclopean ruins just beyond the Mountains of Madness where they can hang out and eat the remains of Giant eyeless penguins and Elder Thing Corpses...This is a follow up to last months figure as they go together month we have a more humanoid figure that is going to knock your socks off..Jay 222 is kicking ass, as you can see from this sculpt...this figure is going to be more expensive because it is bigger...7 inches tall and heavy and wide...5 and a half inches wide...the largest one so will be $125.00 plus $15 for shipping, $20-$25 if you are out of the country...these go on sale Monday april 30th at noon!

Buy Now!

My show..."THE UNDERMINING SATANIC ENERGIES OF AN INCONGRUENT SUBURBAN SICKNESS" is opening at The Cotton Candy Machine in New York on April Friday the 13th a few weeks...This show is going to have a few different types of Monstrous deformities...small Paintings, that are a chance to afford a portrait or scenario from the psychedelic Nightmare of social and emotional disparity narrative that I have been weaving for years well as strange masks that will be $300....the paintings range from $100 to $300 to $800...After this I will not be making as many smaller affordable pieces as I have an urge to really give myself time and space to find a new more dedicated path to increasing my skills as an artist and person...I will be trying to push myself very far into the unknown to see what strange circumstances I can tether myself too...Im thinking..Epic and transformative...That being said..I really love New York and had alot of fun doing these paintings to bring there.I wanted to do something accessible and affordable..small portraits of godless creatures as well as paintings of absurd notion regarding this mishapen world and how I see it...24 paintings and 8 masks..I will be doing an installation as well as showing a video of the short film I had the chance of working on called animated nightmare I worked on with Marcella Ernest and Walter Parenton... a film of strange transformation and are a few of the paintings and masks that will be at the show...I will also have my book, prints, and shirts there...

This is the most insane sculpt yet! Jay222 has outdone himself!!! 5 and a half inches tall and 5 across...super bulky and amazing all around!! made famous by the story, At The Mountains of Madness...the Elder Things are genius scientists who came to earth hundreds of millions of years ago...they had sought refuge in most forbidden places on earth and had even been fought back by great Cthulhu itself...alas they had problems finding their way off earth as their ability to sail on solar winds was lost to them after so many millenium of earth bound toil...they built the Giant city beyond the Mountains of Madness and there dwelt until the great demise that had befell them in a rebellious blow by nature of beings their own science had wrought...Go read this book ya psychos!! this figure is so beautiful and i tried to give it a cool psychedelic luster that I hope you like...will be available monday at 12 noon for the standard $100 we have been charging...definitely getting your moneys worth on this one!!.....please include $15 for shipping because i want to make sure all of its tentacles and wings are safe, OK? heres the link to

buy them on Monday March 26th at noon.

Buy Now

HEY! Cuties! heres some prints I have on sale over on My Critical Hit page on from my " The Fragile Art of Existence' and two from The " Butcher Kings' show i did with Alex Pardee...get on these jammies! real nice and limited to a run of a 100...$50. see you later my nuggets.

Click Here to Buy

Hey!! This saturday! at Upper Playground! Alex and I will be signing our books from 2-4 in the afternoon at 5024SF or as its called, the Upper Playground...Its going to be CRAZAAAY! we are taking it over for the day selling all Mine and Alex's gear..shirts and books and prints for all you odd desires...I will be releasing these new prints below...pieces from My show, "The Fragile Art of Existence"...they are 17x 22 inches and go for $ to a 100 fine quality Giclees...I will be on hand to hug you up and high five your ass!! The prints go on sale Monday March 5th but will be available at the signing!!! word up!!!!

The Prints!

Some Shirts!

This is the second release in Jay222 and my Lovecraft figure project which works as a kind of education about Lovecraft regarding non CTHULHU stuff because that seems like all that people associate the name with...Brown Jenkins is from a story called, Dreams in The Witch House...A story about an old witch, her familiar and a college student who is going to learn that sorcery and mathematics do mix...the hard way...I love this story...Stuart Gordon did a short fiolm version of it for that Masters Of Horror thing for HBO, which you should check out...This is a Spectral Creeping version of Brown Jenkins...This is what I imagine him to look like when he is traveling between worlds with Keziah Mason, A witch of unparalleled abilities to travel utilizing evil sorcery and geometry/mathematics...He is glowing and unnatural glow to his evil..Here is an excerpt from the story describing him......

"That object - no larger than a good-sized rat and quaintly called by the townspeople "Brown Jenkins - seemed to have been the fruit of a remarkable case of sympathetic herd-delusion, for in 1692 no less than eleven persons had testified to glimpsing it. There were recent rumours, too, with a baffling and disconcerting amount of agreement. Witnesses said it had long hair and the shape of a rat, but that its sharp-toothed, bearded face was evilly human while its paws were like tiny human hands. It took messages betwixt old Keziah and the devil, and was nursed on the witch's blood, which it sucked like a vampire. Its voice was a kind of loathsome titter, and it could speak all languages. Of all the bizarre monstrosities in Gilman's dreams, nothing filled him with greater panic and nausea than this blasphemous and diminutive hybrid, whose image flitted across his vision in a form a thousandfold more hateful than anything his waking mind had deduced from the ancient records and the modern whispers."

.He is 4 and a half inches tall and ready to gnaw on your tendons...only 10 in existence and $100 plus $10 for shipping in the is a link to where you can buy them...I will be releasing them Monday Februaru 20th at noon....

Hey Sacramento!! Im going to be signing my book, Every Man Is My Enemy at Dragatomi on 23rd and ''J" street on February 25th!!!!! a Saturday!!! so come out! I will be there from 1:00-3:00 and I can draw a cat or a beer can or a skull in it and make you happy!! 172 pages of bizarre and furious escalations in fictional antagonism! Your favorite!! over 250 illustrations, paintings and odd fun things I have been doing here in lovely Sacramento!!!! the most Beautiful city on earth! $30.00†

1:00-3:00 † † † † † † † † † †

2317 J ST.

Click on the photo to buy!

I have a new book being released online THIS FRIDAY, FEB 3 at!

And Skinner himself will be on hand, armed, and in person at the ZEROFRIENDS OAKLAND Retail store on Saturday, Feb 4 from 2-3PM for the official release/selling/signing/high fiving event in which anyone who buys the book in person on Saturday will be eligible for a FREE "BUTCHER KINGS" Zine in addition to the free 8"x 10"! Full details at the bottom of this post.

"Remember that metal-influenced dude that sat next to you in class that, Instead of working on whatever stupid school assignment was handed out for the day, he drew goblins and wizards with snakes for eyes? Well, Skinner is that dude, only he MASTERED that shit." - BRIAN POSEHN

"Skinner's wild world of demonic art reminds me that it's OK to look at scary creatures in a sensual manner. Yumm." - Andy Milanokis

"He's no Picasso!" - Dana "Master Shake" Snyder, Aqua Teen Hunger Force

"I just met Skinner but I have assessed in that brief encounter that he's on the right track. Taking things in stride and going along for the ride. That's the only way to play it." - James "DALEK" Marshall

"Skinner is a psychopathic psycho. That's the worst kind, you know..." - Larry Alberts. High School Art Teacher


172 Pages, 250 Illiustrations & Photos.

8.5" x 11". Hardcover.

Each copy is hand-signed by SKINNER

And as BONUS, The first 300 books that are purchased online at ZEROFRIENDS will come shipped with a FREE 8'x10" signed & numbered giclee print from Skinner!

Hey!! I have a show up at the University of Iowa...UNI gallery.It is an honor to be showing in a fine museum quality gallery and to have worked with them on bringing this to fruition...all the people at UNI are amazing and kind...The show ill be up until FEBRUARY 1st,,,so go check it if you live out there!!! the other artists in the show are just incredibly talented as well..really humbling to be among them in this environment..Thank YOU!! Tom Bartel, Thaddeus Erdahl,Kiel Johnson, Mike Leavitt...all wonderful are some pics...

Hey San Antonio! I Love you...I love your fun old tymey people and houses and clubs where people go out and support music and art...I got to spend time with the nicest most gracious hosts..Rob Perez put on the art slam and it was amazing...quite alot to organize and not lose your mind..Thank you Rob...It was great! other news Cody Schibi is sick of hearing his last name...huh SHY-BEEEEE! he is a great artist and is only getting better...please investigate his art and be stoked...So basically the last couple of weeks were very difficult to deal with as more random bullshit was popping up and I was stressing on things I wish I did not have to...but I knew in the back of my mind that I was about to go on a ripper BROCATION! with Alex Pardee and La'mour Supreme...two guys that have on their own, made me grateful that I chose to try art as a career...or else I wouldn't be able to see them when I can...Alex inspires me to a ridiculous level and L'amour is my metaphysical guru who inspires me to not Body slam earth...L'amour has been doing the kind of next generation of what Illustrative Kirby lords should be able to do but can't...These guys make it super fun to try and keep up...ok ok...So i love them and you are sick of hearing about it...All three of us paintied this massive Human Centipede painting in about 5 hours and then we live painted til the end of the night....well alex was live sketching all night as the autograph line kept getting longer...W were doing this while incredible local bands played close by...It was many amazing artists were there painting and drawing all night...Texas baby...heres some pics of the mural....Thank you to everyone who came out and I hope to see you again!....

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