Killer Krampus!! SKINNER X KROTPONG!
This vinyl figure is so involved and incredible! the angry child that comes with it can go in the bucket krampus wears on his back or it can run freely around, poisoned from the evil energy and beatings that come with being a young victim of Krampus's wrath! all painted with V Color and chained with the cold iron from the mountains of hell...His demon hoof hot and black and his human foot cold and dead from a millennium of frost bite..These will go on sale Thursday, December 12th and will be shipped that day, priority, to make sure that you can purchase these as a gift for someone and have them in time for Christmas..or for your own hideous collection! These come with a 12X12 5 color silk screen print of Krampus that I illustrated.. The Krampus prints are also available on my webstore without the print! 7 inches tall and limited to 11 pieces! $200 available at noon on Thursday!
Order here on my webstore:

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