As many of you know My friend Hal Rotter has been helping as my assistant for little over a year now and has done alot to help expand my empire of art and brattiness..He is moving on to pursue his own career as he is a really great and esteemed metal and strange horror artist...He has worked with alot of great bands like Skeletonwitch and Cattle Decapitation and has helped assist me in creating art for bands and shirts as well..It has been great to work by him and I have learned alot and now he is going if you find yourself in need of album art, cd layouts, shirt designs or logos hit him up...He is really turning out some great stuff and this is his breakout year! 2012 year of the wizard!! here is some samples of his beautiful work!!
hit him up! 'like' his art page on Facebook or follow him on Twitter...

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