You know, Christmas isn't always the warm,cozy and joyful holiday event that we'd like it to be. No, in fact it can be a time of materialistic obligation and mindless occupation of malls and stores you would rather not frequent to begin with. Sometimes I look around myself and think," Is there any way that I can show my disenchantment with mindless holiday consumerism? Is there any way I can punish the very people I am obligated to buy things for in a way that still honors the traditions of old?" Well if its punishment you seek to inflict, then look no further than this DARK CALL OF KRAMPUS print! This haunted 5 color silkscreen print embodies the dreaded ring of the Christmas devil's bell which kept children in line since the days of old! Punish your friends for wanting something expensive and technological with this Krampus print that promises an old timey birch branch ass whipping may soon be coming your way if you don't shape the hell up and appreciate what you have instead of wishing for something fancy from the goddamn fancy store! This print is perfect for a hideous child, a bad boyfriend, or an old burn out family friend who may or may not like to smoke pot and listen to Black Sabbath in your garage!

This 12″ x 12″ five-color screenprint on French's Old Green Speckletone paper, has a limited edition of 50 and costs $40. All prints are signed and numbered! The DARK†CALL†OF†KRAMPUS is ON SALE NOW!!! It will also be shipped out with a FREE BUTCHER KINGS manifesto book featuring myself and Alex Pardee because I want to be a sweet Santa and not a Krunchy Krampus! That's right! The butcher kings book comes FREE with this amazing print! So click here to buy!

Amazingly printed by artists: Curtis Readel and Zach Schrey!

So Remember....
Santa brings a special glee, a sparkle to the eye
But brats take haste, the Krampus
Comes, to darken up the sky
A jolly old soul with a heart of gold,
Santa Claus is coming
With cloven hoofs and goatish horns,
the Krampus sends em' running
As good Saint Nick, will fill with toys,
His magical red sack
The Krampus has a birch club,
Strapped across his back
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† - Kenneth Widman

Get in the spirit with this Krampus parade video!

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