HERE YOU INSANE HALLOWEEN FREAKS!!! COME TROT DOWN THE DARK ALLEY WITH YOUR BAG OF HIDEOUS CANDY!! You see I have some nice masks for you!!! The Aroma,by the coffin fiend ALEX PARDEE!!! The Cyco ape mask by CHARNEL SKULL RIPPER L'AMOUR SUPREME! And the Gaping Maw by YOUR GHOULISH GNASHING HOST, SKINNER.. These masks are made by Hollywood HORROR sculptor, PAT GIERHART from ATOMICVOMIT! Who meticulously sculpted and painted and otherwise hideously doctored up these dimensional beings from the specific visions of Alex, Lamour and I.. These masks are all high quality durable masks hand painted and cast by Pat specifically to your order.. Only 10 of each run.. They can be worn, and fit nicely and snug on a human head, or hung up as a limited art piece..All of these masks are available for $500 and it needs 4-6 weeks from the time of order to get to you! Place your orders now!!


You won't be sorry kids and ghouls!!

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