HEEEEEY! heres a pic of the Mural i did for H space a couple months ago altogether in an easy to see kinda way..Havent been able to put it together this way.....its 40 feet by 18 feet tall!!!!!!

...also Heres some pics of the K street beautification project I did with the teens of the WIND center...working with them is very therapeutic for me and really puts the privilege of my life into perspective....young people trying to figure their lives out without parents or people that care...I love them alot...I can see their beautiful spirits while we joke and laugh and paint together...K street down here in sacramento is full of buildings that the city has reclaimed for some reason...its really stupid..this city could not be run by more emotionally unevolved disconnected and elitist morons...K street has been an endless project that millions of dollars has been wasted on by the Rockwellian delusions of a group of bickering adolescents we call "city council" oh yeah anyway...we put our paintings up inside buildings that have sat waiting to be used for something for years in an effort to quell the blight that is K street...It took the artistic efforts of some homeless teens to fix something that a council of overpaid miscreants could not...I am proud to say that I was apart of something organic and real that did something to brighten the day of people walking by abandoned buildings...I encourage everyone to do something in real time to change the conditions of their environment instead of waiting for people you don't know or trust to do something that you would not like anyway...WIND center rules!! Power to the people!
†Heres a link to the rest of the pictures on my Flickr! http://flic.kr/s/aHsjvMoCyk

Heres some flags I painted for my homies in the band Of Legends...stage banners for their upcoming tour...you should go check them out!!!! they are killing it right now!

Also I want to bring some attention to 2 local artists that live here in sacramento...amazing and brilliant people that I admire and respect....Gale Hart who is basically the hardest working artist in Sacramento whom I admire for her tenacity and ability..totally more powerful than anyone could guess by looking at her diminutive frame...an incredible animal rights activist and advocate for the arts in sacramento...I just wanted to share some of her stuff because it is severely underappreciated and crazy talented!!

Andy Steele is another local artist who just had a rad show at La Luz De Jesus in LA
(Click here to view his work at the gallery)...I have known him for a little while now and the dude is just ripping! getting better and better... was probably influenced byhis loose and splattery style for my last show on a subconscious level..or conscious..I cant tell the difference anymore but check out his stuff!! It rules....

So yeah thats my post about some stuff...now I gotta get back to work on my show for October with Alex Pardeeee...
Gonna be bitchin'!!!

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