Hey! Thank you to EVERYONE who came to my opening saturday night at the shooting gallery! All the people who came from San Francisco and beyond...you won't know how much I think about it when I have a moment of quiet...That the reason someone like me can do what I do is because, I am offered the energy and consideration of friends and Strangers...I think about it often and so I will continue to be accessible and loving to everyone I can...I want to be having as much fun with everyone and scream loudly and long into the night with all my friends....Justin has been really good to me and allows me the space to take alot of risks in my art and grow as a weirdo and an artist..Dayna, jenny, Lauren and Tova are really supportive as well and let me laugh and annoy them so they are cool with me...My girl, Kristie who supports me so much everyday...I love her and she looked really cute at the opening with her shirt she made and her hair was all beautiful and smelled good!! anyways..all my friends that came and even the ones who offered me love from over the interwebs cuz they couldnt make it, THANK†YOU!! so heres some pics and such and vids if you havent seen them....

SO!! also!! This weekend is the OUTSIDELANDS†FESTIVAL in San Fran and they are using my art for the Twin Peaks stage so i am pretty excited about that!! if you go look at my obnoxious art 42 feet high by 24 feet wide! 2 of them! aaaahahaahahah!! so crazy...I am really stoked! I will also be there painting live and getting sunburned...come give me a hi five and some sun burn lotion ok?? ok great I will need that!! ---click to read more---

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