6 color mind melter!! Silk screened by the one and only MONOLITH PRESS!!! do amazing work and I love them! You know who else I love? Mastodon! They are beautiful people who are basically the only ones presenting art and heart on the Mayhem festival which is the only other place you can get one of these...The only place you can get one now is through your dude Skinner ( yeah i talk in 3rd person) 18 X 24 inch beautifully strange black light style print is $50 for the regular run which I only have 9 of or $60 for the artist proofs which I only have 10 of ! they are not gonna be around long so come grab one here...††http://shopcriticalhit.com/products/mastodon-silkscreen-poster†† and I will send it to you so you can be happy!

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