Set of lurkers in their natural poses, contemplating death, crawling ever silently, giving a piggy back to a young one, hiding, and crouching on a cyclops skull! All the things that a lurker does in it's time in between lurking on you and your family! Sculpted to size by the ridiculously talented David Arshawsky who knocks it out of the park every time! These 2 inch tall to 2.5 inch tall sculpted figures are unique reminders of a darker world just outside of our own.. There are 2 sets.. Glow in the dark and classic solid black! Created in conjunction with the ever innovative Unbox industries, headed by Dan Willett, a man who continues to take risks on me and my nightmare visions.. Once you hold these in your hand you will see how beautiful and strange the detail is.. 5 figures per pack!


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