So Hurley opened up an incredible art space for artists to really go all out on in installation mural form some years ago..Dalek, James Marshall is the curator and he asked Bwana Spoons, Justin " Scrappers" Morrison, Martin Ontiveros and myself to come down here and basically challenge ourselves to see how big we could go with vision, impact and scope of psychedelic intention and love of creative of now we are five days into it and this has been the most incredible experience in sharing such a large space completely supported and advocated by the folks here at Hurley...we have had an amazing assistant by the name of Cody Lusby who is also an amazing young artist who looks alot like David Crosby...look out for him because he is also a great artist and painter...
The show opens Saturday at 6:00 and it is absolutely going to rule...H Space here at Hurley international...the address is 1945 Placentia Avenue, Costa Mesa Ca 92627...If you live in LA or San Diego you should really try and make it out!! It is going to be alot of fun...I am really honored to have shared this time with my favorite mountain men from the pacific northwest..Bwana, Scrappers and Martin are easily blowing away my understanding of what they were capable of..their work ethic and ambitious vision is really humbling..I will always look back on this experience as a really valuable time in my art my life...Please check out the teaser vid and pics...If you want to see even more personal vids of us together creating go check them out on scrappers facebook page and his flikr...hope you can make it out!!!! when its done I will post more pics for those of you who cant experience it in real life!!! Have a good one, skinner

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