So a couple weeks ago this ratty looking black cat came around trying to eat all my cats food and have his little horny cat way with them...I stalked him for a couple days and he would run away into someones yard..where I might get shot if I jumped the fence..My neighborhood is a good place to get shot so I choose not to go after him when that happens...I got to earn his trust little by little and fed him on the porch one day and saw that he had a huge wound on his arm...his left arm must have absessed after a fight or something...his face was scratched up really bad and chunks of his ear were missing..he looked like a zombie cat...this is what a cat in a george Romero movie would have looked like if it came back from hell...I still loved him...maybe even more because I can relate to the world making you eat shit and he certainly seemed to have had his night one time the wind blew open the side door and I heard him just yelling at the top of his little lungs in the house...surprisingly my other cats didnt seem to care...I think he was trying to give out some sexy cat wailing but the girls didn't seem to care...anyway I came running down the stairs and he took off..I saw that bloody little wound shining in the night...Eventually I caught him and got him to a shelter for his wounds and to see if he was ok...They patched him up and hes still healing and he got neutered and he doesnt have cat AIDS or Feline Leukemia which is a miracle for a cat that seemed to have been running the seedy underbelly of cat business in the underworld..hes really affectionate, talkative and sweet...I went and got him from the Shelter and am giving him his little medications and such but I would really like to get him a nice home...He is a really amazing little person and has seen alot...If you can get into the fact that a damaged little traumatised person can have a new life with love and understanding You should meet Zombie Cat Xerxes!! He is amazing!! Indoor and outdoor! Thanks for your time!!!
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