Welcome! This is a new site That I really, really needed...An archiving of the many strange things I have done for the last 5-6 years...Not everything, as I don't have pictures of everything I have gotten into but, It is still alot of stuff to check out...The boys over at Rocket Society built this site and I cannot thank them enough for How much time and care they put into it to make it really Good!!! If you want a ripper website, you should get ahold of those cats...amazing people I have learned to love! Anyways...Here it is...i will be adding stuff to it all the time and My friend Hal has busted his ass to upload all the content and helped me get it looking so intense...I never would have gotten it to look nearly this good if he didn't basically do it all..I did all the bratty comments of course...This is a clear and cohesive examination of what I have done, where I have been and what I have made in the last couple of years...Check it out! It's totally ridiculous...Oh yeah i made some inspirational/ Motivational commercials to let people know about my new site!! Enjoy!!
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