This is the most insane sculpt yet! Jay222 has outdone himself!!! 5 and a half inches tall and 5 across...super bulky and amazing all around!! made famous by the story, At The Mountains of Madness...the Elder Things are genius scientists who came to earth hundreds of millions of years ago...they had sought refuge in most forbidden places on earth and had even been fought back by great Cthulhu itself...alas they had problems finding their way off earth as their ability to sail on solar winds was lost to them after so many millenium of earth bound toil...they built the Giant city beyond the Mountains of Madness and there dwelt until the great demise that had befell them in a rebellious blow by nature of beings their own science had wrought...Go read this book ya psychos!! this figure is so beautiful and i tried to give it a cool psychedelic luster that I hope you like...will be available monday at 12 noon for the standard $100 we have been charging...definitely getting your moneys worth on this one!!.....please include $15 for shipping because i want to make sure all of its tentacles and wings are safe, OK? heres the link to

buy them on Monday March 26th at noon.

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