OK! Im releasing another 10 of each of my babies...
10 Morgoggs and 10 Ogos...
You may or may not see animated commercials of them on Adult swim soon, so be on the look out for that...
maybeon Friday march, 20th They will go on sale at noon pacific.
bagged with epic headers, they each come with a limited 8x 10 giclee print. the print is limited to only, this run.
$250 each...AND the kicker is..the first person to order a morgogg gets a blank black one FREE! As well as whomever orders the first Ogos will also get a free black blank..Im crazy, I like to hook people up. I love anyone who likes my stuiff so there it is...Youll get a sick hand painted bagged figure, a print and the chance to win a free blank..I did these deep color paint style with gold sprays and multi layers for depth..might dominate the shelf but I don't know, thats a matter of opinion! HA!
They will ship out within 3 days of purchase.
Thanks you guys!! I love you!

**For free shipping enter discount code "FREESHIPPING"
when you check out!


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