The Lurker understands your loneliness! The lurker understands your obsessive nature and your neurotic fixations on those you can never have! The Lurker supports this behavior! The Lurker encourages you to focus your little psycho lazer of love on everyone around you while maintaining a very creepy distance and aloof demeanor that will have people concerned for their safety in no time!† He gives you the tools of love that help you show your affection for someone you have been staring at ceaselessly from behind a dumpster! A necklace that shows your true essence of insane commitment!

And as if the Pewter Lurker being on sale for only $35 a pop isn't enough, ANYTHING†purchased from Critical Hit over $20 from now until Valentines day come with a surprise, limited edition Valentines card printed on high quality cotton rag paper! These Valentines will make it clear that you aren't sure how to deal with your feelings, but you know damn well that the object of your desire will know you have them!

This sale is only good until Valentines day, February 14th, so scoop up something rad for the one you love and score a FREE 5x7 giclee Lurker print for your honey!†


Pewter Lurkers limited to 15.
Bronze Lurkers limted to 4 and are on sale from $65 to $50!
Lurker Valentines are 5x7 giclee prints

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