Somewhere traversing outside of time, deep within wormholes of an unknown cosmos, a strange being he wanders!! Endlessly he wanders the halls of space and light. What odd murmurs exist within its shapeless mind? Or does it simply watch coldly with its ancient mind? What celestial ambition pushes it onward, ever traversing the palaces of the unknown? Unfazed and unfaltering in its quest...but a quest of what? To where? Does it know? Did it ever know, or does it just Wander...ever wandering....outside of time!

This project is in collaboration with David Healey who sculpted and created this resin piece. He is an incredible resin artisan who I will be collaborating again with this year so stay posted! This is David Healey's character Jin Baba, the Pakistani Boogeyman! I gave him a cosmic makeover...hope you like it!

This 4 inch tall mini megalith costs $75, is limited to 10 and will be released on JANUARY 18th at NOON on my shopify site!

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