STICKERS!!! They have shaped the world in ways we will never fully grasp. Legend tells of many mighty kings, queens and emperors who used stickers to forge great kingdoms. They can be powerful adhesive tools for domination or they can be flimsy, crappy, sticky fail slaps! You must decide! And so ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the first series of incredibly high caliber silk-screen masterpieces by Stickerobot! These are insanely high quality reproductions of my more intense paintings in a series that will help you forge your own empire! This sticker pack holds 10 epic multi-colored silk-screen masterpieces: 5 images, 2 of each! Order now and let these stickers lead you down a passage that the gods themselves have willed for you!

Series 1 Product Details:

Each pack contains 10 super high quality stickers, sealed in snazzy packs!

Stickers are screen printed onto thick white vinyl with heavy backing!

3 coats of clear UV protection so you can leave them on your car for daaaaaaays!

Custom sticker printing by Sticker Robot!

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